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There is a notable rise in companies investing in organizing customized in-house training for their staff in recent years.

It is recommended for organizations to consider investing in in-house training programs as this will be a specialized training program curated to the learning and development needs of their employees. While tailoring the program content to each organization’s situation, the employees will find it easier to apply the new skills and knowledge gained to their existing roles at work.

In-house training programs may also be customized to do away with the unnecessary training material, and focus on the relevant content to tackle each organization’s specific business needs.

In 2019, we have organized a myriad of customized in-house training for various of our clients from the private and public sectors. Of the various topics that we have customized for each client and successfully conducted, here are the top 3 most popular in-house workshop topics conducted by our clients in 2019.


1. Emotional Intelligence – Different Strokes For Different Folks

People with higher levels of emotional intelligence are known to be able to foster stronger relationships, have greater career success, and more effective leadership skills.

The birth of the term ‘Emotional Intelligence’ served as a missing link in the shocking finding that people with average IQ perform better than those with higher IQs about 70% of the time. Through conducting a customized workshop on emotional intelligence for your company, it will benefit your employees to learn how to raise their emotional intelligence and communicate effectively with their internal working counterparts and external clients and stakeholders.

We need to remember that we are always in the business of building relationships! People are not necessarily difficult to deal with. They only seem difficult because people lack the skills of an appropriate communication style. It is imperative that we are equipped with the essential skills to handle different groups of people.


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Relationship Building: Be equipped with useful EQ tactics to interact positively with fellow colleagues, subordinates, and clients.

  • Discovering People Communication Tendencies: Understand the 4 main communication styles and how to utilize the DISC Psychometric Tool to communicate with different groups of people.

  • Promote Team Cohesiveness and Buddy Systems: Master the art of objection and complaint handling effectively in a systematic and calm fashion, and work towards a resolution.


2. Mastering Microsoft Excel 2016: Basic to Intermediate Skills

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools in the Microsoft Office Suite of Microsoft Office applications. Excel is used extensively to keep track of important data that drives the business. Through a customized in-house workshop, your employees will be equipped to manage all your business data such as maintain customer lists, create employee schedules, prepare financial statements, find business templates, calculate the costs of your business using formulas, and prepare impressive business reports.

Throughout the course, your employees will learn interesting and useful tips and tricks to allow them to work more efficiently with Excel.


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Find ready-made templates online for free and create your own customized templates.
  • Learn to prepare Income Statements, Cash Flows Statements and Balance Sheet.
  • Learn how to format reports using conditional formatting rules and styles.

Create interactive charts with business data stored in an Excel Table.


3. Managing Difficult Customers Professionally

In every business, it’s inevitable to encounter difficult, demanding, and unreasonable customers. Challenging customer situations demand more than good intentions and the right attitude. When put in such difficult positions and situations, many customer service representatives might choose the easy path to sweep things under the rug while thinking it is OK to lose ONE unhappy customer.

However, let’s imagine – what if this ONE unhappy customer were to tell others about his negative experience? And if he chooses to escalate this issue and let it be shared via social media, before you know it, his side of the story would start spreading like wildfire.

No one wants to walk into a warzone and face the sharp relentless tongue lashing of aggressive customers. However, working with unhappy customers and solving their problems could, in turn, rebuild their trust in your company and make them your strongest and most loyal allies.

By organizing this as an in-house training program for your client-facing staff, they will immediately receive the boost of confidence and essential skills required to deal with any customer effectively.


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Use the right words to turn volatile scenarios into calm and productive encounters
  • Learn the 4-steps technique that can be effectively used to countering objections and tense situations.
  • Detailed checklist and templates that can be used in each different phase of the interaction with the customers.
  • The secret psychological triggers to help people feel deeply heard in a crisis;
  • Training Cheat Sheet – Highly useful Tips and Tactics required for handling difficult customers