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Jul 2021

Aventis Career Coach Professional Certification (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date3 Jul 2021, Saturday
End Date8 Aug 2021, Sunday
Time9.00am to 5.00pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$3500 (Before GST), Inclusive of e-certificate, certified open-badge, and e-materials
ContactCarmen | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream

Course Schedule

3 & 4 Jul, 7 & 8 Aug (Now Open for Registration!)

Demand for Career Coaching is now at an All-Time HIGH

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many of our careers forever. With the disruptions across multiple industries and fields, there is inevitably a rising demand for professional career coaches to help professionals transit smoothly into their new roles. Becoming a Career Coach or Consultant is one of the fastest growing professions and is a highly sought-after essential skill set by organizations, senior executives and professionals. Being equipped with the latest Career Coach Certification is quickly becoming a necessity for HR Professionals, Managers and Consultants to progress in today’s evolving workplace.

With the growing emphasis towards re-skilling and upgrading, the career coaching industry in Singapore is expected to expand rapidly. With this Career Coaching Certification, you will also enjoy diverse career opportunities in challenging and stimulating settings both internally within your organization and externally as an independent/adjunct Career Coach.

Be a Career Coach and Champion for Life

Whether you are a professional in transition, exploring new career change or seeking to establish new career opportunities as a Professional Career Coach, there has never been a better time to embark on a Certified Career Coach program where you can tap on your wealth of experience and assist others identify and achieve career success. Career coaching is one of the fastest growing professions and is highly sought skills set by organizations, senior executives and professionals.

Qualified Career Coaches will continue to be highly sought after locally and across the region. However, to excel as a well-respected Career Coach, you not only require a good working knowledge of career coaching but most importantly must be equipped with the ability to handle one to one coaching with confidence, clarity and professionalism as you strive to build and enhance your reputation and professional credentials.

Career Coaching skills are fast becoming an essential skill set for HR Professionals, Managers and Consultants to:

  • Support, motivate and enhance employee motivation
  • Develop talent management and retention strategy
  • Empower/guide executives to bring out the best in their traits
  • Develop competencies & transferable skills that can be used across regions and professional settings
  • Aid and counsel peers, colleagues, and family members to breakthrough their personal and professional limitations
About the Aventis Career Coach Professional Certification

The Aventis Career Coach Professional Certification is a leading certification program with over 12 years of successful track record across Asia. This Certification offers an unique combination of 3 critical qualities that forms the core strength and style of individual coaches.

  • Results-Oriented focus firmly on hands on effective techniques & outcomes
  • Neuroscience-Analytics based on scientific research and techniques
  • Skill Based Approach structured methodology with well-defined steps and tool kits
A Well-Respected Coaching Certification

Upon completion of the Aventis ACC Certification, you will attain the Professional status as a Certified Career Coach which you can use as part of your credentials.

The ACC Professional Certification will also provide you with: 

  • Verification of your competency in Career Coaching
  • Greater confidence, self-assurance and awareness as a coach
  • Develop critical competencies that educate, energize and engage your participants
  • Enhance professional status and network across the region
  • Gain recognition of your expertise that draws corporate clients to you
  • Access to Aventis network™, resources and support through our training institution and corporate member base
  • Competency building by staying ahead of peers by building a reputation of delivering impartial, professional training
  • Expand career options and employment opportunities using proven business and marketing system to structure your training as services, attract new clients
  • Provides transferable and trainable skills that can be used in various subject areas
Who Should Attend?

This Professional Certification is ideal for senior executives or managers seeking to enhance their coaching skillset and credentials, such as:

  • Human Resource Managers
  • Outplacement Consultants
  • Career Development Facilitators
  • Career Counsellors, Career Advisors and Career Consultants
  • Job Search Trainers
  • HOD, HR Practitioners
  • Training, L&D Managers
  • College Counsellors and Counsellor Educators
Certification Pre-Requisites

There are no specific entry requirements for this certification, but this course is most suited for candidates interested in embarking on a trainer or coaching role either in their organization, or as an independent trainer & coach. 

As a guide, it is recommended that candidates are:

  • Educated to degree level or postgraduate equivalent, and hold a minimum of five years’ business experience
  • Hold relevant qualifications / experience to underpin their specific technical competence or hold managerial roles in your primary area of technical specialism or expertise
Certified Career and Life Coach: Mdm Rachpal Kaur

Mdm Rachpal Kaur is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Enneagram Coach who believes in equipping her clients with resources so that they are empowered to work on their goals independently. As a coach, 100% of her clients have experienced empowerment and improvement in at least one area of their life within two sessions.

In addition to coaching, Rachpal has extensive corporate work experience as an Organizational Development Consultant and Coach working with over 50 top organisations such as Rolls Royce Marine, CISCO, Hamworthy (Wartsila), Hewlett-Packard, John Wiley, Bohreinger-Ingelheim and over 20 Agencies/Ministries with the Singapore Government. 

Rachpal’s Educational & Professional Qualifications include: 

  • BA (Psychology)
  • MA (Education and Human Development)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner
  • Timeline Therapy™ Practitioner
  • Certified Enneagram Practitioner
  • Certified Coach (Harrison Job Success Analysis)
  • John Maxwell Co. Corporate Leadership Coach / Trainer (Singapore)
Course Schedule

This Aventis Career Coach Professional Certification is a structured program delivered across 4 days (2 blocks of Sat & Sun) with the upcoming schedule as follow:

  • Stage 1: 3 & 4 July 2021(Sat & Sun), 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Stage 2: 7 & 8 Aug 2021(Sat & Sun), 9.00am to 5.00pm
Program Outline

This Certification program will comprise of 2 learning blocks, as a 4 Day structured training program, which will include peer coaching, practicum, one to one coaching and assessment delivered over 2 months.

Stage 1: Talent and Career Management (2 Days) 

Understanding the Critical Role of a Career Coach

  • Introduction to Career Coaching as a Career
  • Understanding career management theory and practice
  • The Career coaching planning and designing process

Self-Discovery and Fact Finding

  • Self-Discovery Process – Into real world practice
  • Continuing to develop your expertise
  • Master the art of contextualizing your expertise
  • Stay in tune with industry: always driver of change
  • Understand impacts of cultural influences on applications of techniques, tools

Stage 2: Aventis Career Coach Certification (2 Days) 

Sharpening the Career Coaching Toolkits

  • Enhancing the career conversation and Career Coaching
  • Collaborative Inquiry
  • Building Rapport Understanding Career Needs in Coaching
  • Personal chemistry
  • Understanding expectations, hopes and concerns

Perspective Setting Coaching Assignments & Practicum

  • One-to-one Coaching Session
  • Learning by real-case hands-on
  • Sharing of approaches
  • Insights on “how-to” research skills
  • Polishing up on resume and personal branding