Our Trainers


Communication & Presentation

English Business Communication Guru: Ms Emma Jones

Emma specialises in developing and enhancing workplace communication skills. She has over 15 years of experience training in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. She has worked with both public and private organisations such as StarHub, Singtel, BASF, DBS Bank, Ministry of Environment, Carlton Hotel, and The British Club. Emma is also currently a part-time lecturer at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technical University and conducts regular workshops for Singapore Management University.

Business Communication & Management Consultant: Ms Caroline Dawson

Caroline has more than 10 years of invaluable experience in teaching business, environmental, technical communication and 12 years in the field of journalism and publishing. She has conceptualised, produced, and delivered courses for written and oral presentation skills, communication relationship management, business communication, customer service, and team-building. Her experience in working with the public and private sector training has become one of her training strengths. Participants of her training courses attest to her motivational, instructional, and highly experiential training methodology.

Godmother of Storytelling in Singapore: Ms Sheila Wee

Sheila is a professional storyteller, trainer, and consultant with 18 years of experience. She has been described as a “Godmother of Storytelling in Singapore” due to her work in pioneering to revive storytelling. She co-founded Singapore’s first professional storytelling company and has mentored most of the prominent local storytellers.

Sheila’s highly engaging and practical workshops have consistently garnered high ratings from previous participants. Having spent the last 18 years immersed in the storytelling field, she is passionate about bringing stories out of the nursery and restoring it to its rightful place at the heart of adult society.

Persuasive Business Communication and Writing Expert: Mr Tylus Lim

Tylus spent over 15 years learning, performing real-life testing, and applying just about every marketing method known to man. These vast experiences helped him uncover what truly and repeatedly works in sales & marketing. He has worked with companies from almost every industry, helping them to sharpen their marketing and sales campaigns. He has also guided sales teams, SMEs and MNCs in uncovering hidden opportunities and breakthroughs that result in a significant increase of their bottom line, business revenues, and profitability.

His writing expertise spans from proposals, newsletters, sales letters, and marketing copywriting which he uses to create a step by step ‘recipe’ to write, touch, and persuade the audience.

The Persuasion Doctor: Mr David Goldwich

David seeks to apply the “80/20 Rule” to training by identifying the critical tools necessary for the greatest improvement and presenting them in a simple to learn and simple to use manner. He uses the psychology of learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in his material to provide delegates with visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and participatory experiences required for effective learning. David’s ability, sense of humour, and wealth of experiences enable him to deliver breakthrough changes at all levels.

David began lecturing and training in 1995 where he taught tertiary level students in the US and Singapore, teaching in the field of law, management, organisational behaviour, communications skills, and critical and creative thinking.

Certified True Colour© Facilitator: Ms Maxine Teo

Maxine is a tri-lingual corporate trainer, facilitator, and speaker with a passion for impacting and inspiring lives with colour. With over 20 years of training experience working with diverse teams across Asia, Maxine is one of the most prolific trainers in Asia, having successfully completed more than 1000 days of training over 30 cities around the world.

From her experience of working in the financial services industry, Maxine shares her experience and knowledge in relationship management topics like effective communication, cross-cultural awareness, business etiquette, negotiation skills, and so much more. The skills she imparts are suitable and applicable to service and relationship-based industries such as finance and banking, insurance, real estate, and retail.

Professional Excellence Consultant: Mr Wekie Tay

Wekie is an established and highly sought-after trainer, and speaker, and internationally renowned professional excellence consultant. He has over 25 years of experience in conducting numerous talks, training sessions, and workshops for more than 100,000 individuals and companies throughout Singapore, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, and other parts of the world.

Wekie is also the co-author of the international book, The DNA of Success Stories: How to Maximize Success in Your Life. He has also been featured as a contributing co-author of the international book, Heart of a Toastmaster, which won the International Book Award.

Communication Strategist: Ms Sandra Daniel

Sandra is an ACTA-Certified trainer, an associate adult educator, and a master practitioner with the American Board of NLP. She revolves her workshops around practicality and simplicity, arming participants with immediately applicable skills. She is a dynamic and entertaining trainer in the areas of communication strategies, leadership management as well as personal and organisational productivity.

She has conducted seminars and workshops for clients and organisations such as Citibank, Hilton Hotel, Singapore Tourism Board, State Courts, Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Home Affairs, Kreuz Subsea Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore General Hospital, and more.

Personal Effectiveness & Problem Solving

Personal Development and Leadership Guru: Mr Andrew Cheah

Andrew has been a trainer and management consultant since 1991, specialising in the areas of strategic thinking, leadership transformation, QC tools, VSM, 8D problem solving, performance management, productivity improvement, behavioural change, and critical & creative thinking. Andrew has trained clients from diverse industries and sectors including banking, insurance, hospitality, sales and distribution, manufacturing, food, property development, government/public services, and higher education.

Accredited Global Instructor for Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping® Technique: Dr Henry Toi

Henry is the Buzan Master Trainer for Asia. He was awarded a Doctor of Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business in Project Management and Mind Mapping. During his corporate career, he served the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Shell Petroleum, Standard Chartered Bank and OCBC Asset Management, all in the areas of finance and policy management.

As the Managing Director of Buzan Centre Asia Limited, he manages the licensing and training of more than 150 instructors across 11 countries in Asia. He has successfully trained numerous professionals to mind map, speed read, and to become creative and efficient thinkers. Henry has conducted courses in Beijing, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Personal and Organisational Effectiveness Master Trainer and Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst: Mr Ivan Phua

With his easy-going and relational communication styles, Ivan has built a good rapport with former participants. He is a creative and dynamic trainer who inspires clients to improve their performance by changing their attitudes and developing their skills and knowledge.

As a coach, he brings the best out of them through critical thinking such as solving issues by analysing the situation, identifying possible solutions, and deciding the right approach in order to achieve the desired outcome or the “aha” moments. By focusing on root-cause issues, his critical thinking skills have helped organisations avoid impending problems with undesirable consequences.

Certified Master Hypnotherapist: Mr Adrian Toh

Adrian has been helping individuals move to a more empowering space in their lives through counselling and coaching since 2010. He is the holder of several certifications like Master Practitioner NLP, DISC Personality Profiling Practitioner and 6 Seconds Emotional Quotient Practitioner. These certifications have invariably helped him become an effective trainer and counsellor as well as to identify issues and challenges faced, subsequently helping them move towards their goals.

His training as a Certified Hypnotherapist allows him to resolve deep-rooted incidents from the past that were the chains that had held them from achieving their goals. Adrian’s Purpose of being “a positive force in the world” has been his pillar to continually seek new skills and technologies that allow him to quicken the change process.

Organizational Coach and Management Consultant: Mr Daniel Theyagu

Daniel Theyagu is an ACTA-Certified corporate trainer, and associate adult educator and a licensed master practitioner of NLP®. Since 1989, Daniel has conducted training for more than 600 organisations and has designed and delivered customised training programs in areas of design thinking, crisis management, performance management, emotional intelligence, creative and critical thinking, and business and personal ethics.

He has also conducted career transitioning and design thinking workshops for SAF and SPF personnel. Daniel’s personal productivity programs have been very well received and have enriched the lives of countless individuals from different walks of life.

Certified Microsoft PowerPoint Specialist: Mr Kelvin Lee

Besides being a Certified Microsoft PowerPoint specialist, Kelvin is a dynamic and eloquent presenter who walks the talk of effective communication. For the past 12 years, thousands of business executives have benefited from his presentation workshops, including participants from Central Provident Fund, AIA, Shell, MINDEF, Nanyang Technical University, and Enterprise Singapore.

He has trained senior management teams in Malaysia and Pakistan and was a keynote speaker for National Insitute of Education’s “e-Learning FEST” and Singapore Human Resource Institute’s “HR Day”. In addition to corporate training, clients such as IBM, MINDEF, DHL, and NCS have also engaged Kelvin to provide PowerPoint makeover services to enhance their corporate presentation slides.

Meet the Super Memory Coach: Mr David Kee

David brings with him over 13 years of experience in the area of memory improvement. His passion is to help individuals tap into their full mind’s potential to learn faster, improve their memory, and become successful in any area of life that they wish to achieve greatness.

Thousands of professionals have benefitted from his workshops and his impressive list of corporate clienteles includes Singapore Airlines, Singapore Police Force, SMRT Corporation Ltd, Singapore Land Authority, and Defense Science & Technology Agency. David was also featured in Mediacorp TV and NewsRadio 93.8 Lives where he shared his simple yet effective memory techniques that help with our everyday lives.

MS Excel Expert and Microsoft Certified Trainer: Valene Ang

Valene is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Master Instructor of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). She brings with her 20 years of experience in corporate training and consultancy. She had conducted many Microsoft Office workshops in Singapore and Malaysia, focusing on practical solutions to real life Excel problems.

Valene has trained hundreds of professionals from various managerial levels, industries, and sectors. Some of her high profile clients include PSA International, DFS Galleria Singapore, National Environment Agency, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Public Utility Board, Canadian High Commission, and British High Commission.

Finance, Legal and Compliance

Digital Data Compliance Expert: Mr Sam Gibbins

Sam is an ACTA-Certified trainer with extensive experience in delivering training on governance, risk, and compliance. He has worked on the skills and competency-based development framework for compliance and anti-money laundering with the Asian Institute of Finance, the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (formerly IBBM), and the Australian Financial Markets Association.

Sam has a Certificate in Combating Financial Crime from the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment and is also a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional with the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics. He is also a Certified Compliance Professional with, and a member of the International Academy of Business and Financial Management.

Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore): Mr Mirza Khaleel

Mirza was an Advocate & Solicitor at the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1994. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the National University of Singapore and a Master’s Degree in Computer and Communications Law at Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London where he specialised in information technology law, intellectual property law, telecommunications law, electronic banking law, and internet law.

Mirza worked in Hewlett-Packard’s Asia Pacific Legal Department as a Commercial Contracts Manager with special responsibilities in the Asia Emerging Countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam. He was also Senior Legal Counsel with Singapore Telecommunications where he was responsible for negotiating the legal aspects of a number of high-value telecommunications and IT agreements with a significant number of Fortune 500 companies.

Credit Management Expert: Mr Gregory Chua

Gregory is a dynamic facilitator with a wealth of experience in the field of telephone techniques and face-to-face communication skills. He spent over 13 years in a local leading business and credit information service provider as a Senior Account Manager, where he was tasked with business/credit information, debt recovery, and account receivables management.

He has trained professionals across various industries and sectors on debt recovery techniques like Ernst & Young, ExxonMobil, NTUC Income, Hong Leong Finance, Gleneagles Hospital, National Cancer Centre, National Heart Centre, National University Hospital, Maybank, OCBC Bank, and HSBC.

Finance Guru: Dr M A Kader

Kader is a Public Accountant registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). He is a practising member in the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and a fellow member of the Association of International Accountants, UK.

His professional experience and expertise span over 30 years in the field of auditing and assurance, taxation, business advisory, accounting and financial reporting, financial management, company formation, company laws, education and training, and management consulting services. Kader is also an Associate Lecturer in Accounting & Finance for degree courses offered by British, American, and Australian Universities in Singapore.


Leadership, Coaching and Strategy

Chinese Leadership Strategist: Mr Lim Liat

Lim Liat founded a BvOtech (Business value Oriented technology) to help people and businesses to be more successful through synergising the wisdom of the East and West. The key areas include unified corporate performance management framework, innovation and business model design, creative and visual thinking systems, learning and innovative organisation, leadership skills, and the future of management with Sinology. Other areas include Chinese classical wisdom such as I-Ching, the philosophies of the Dao School (Lao Zi), Ru School (Confucius), Mo School, Fa School, and Sun Zi’s Art of War.

Lim Liat also consults for start-ups, SMEs, MNCs and GLCs. He has taught for and sat on the advisory boards of institutes of higher learning and investment committees. He has more than 30 years of technology and management experience.

Industry Expert: Mr Michael P A Tan

Michael has more than 20 years of working experience in administration and human resource training and development, and training consultancy. He specialises in personal enrichment programmes and organisational development topics. He is certified in the Workplace Big Five profile, Emergenetics, MBTI®, DiSC, Relationship Awareness™ Theory Instruments and a number of other personality profiling tools. He is also ACTA-Certified.

Michael’s client list includes statutory boards and organisations from manufacturing, and service and hospitality industries from Singapore, Mongolia, and other ASEAN countries.

HR & People Management

Millennial HR Thought Leader & Employer of Choice Advocate: Mr Sam Neo

Sam is the Founder and Chief People Officer at People Mentality Inc, a Human Resources (HR) platform set out to advocate a people-first mindset among leaders and organisations to help companies become an Employer of Choice. He is an HR professional with accelerated experience in market-leading companies such as Keppel Corporation and Changi Airport Group.

His burning passion for HR has seen him take on a diverse range of roles in areas like employer branding, talent management, business partnership, talent acquisition, corporate social responsibility, and staff engagement. Sam’s “Can-do!” attitude and curious mind have enabled him to successfully spearhead numerous new initiatives across his various stints and as a millennial HR thought leader, he has been invited by HRM Asia as a conference speaker at multiple events, including the HR Summit.

Peak Performance Coach: Ms Angie Toh

Angie is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) with over 20 years of experience. During her courses, she shares enlightening stories and case studies that demonstrate how you can conquer negativity and inspire others to adopt a positive attitude through training and private coaching. Her extensive list of corporate clientele includes Mindchamps, Parkway Cancer Centre, Citibank, and Ministry of Education. Angie was formerly the Director of Coach Certification at a global leadership and coaching organisation.

Angie‘s passion is to aid professionals and business owners to succeed on their own terms and achieve a breakthrough in their personal and professional lives. Her mission in life is to help others to gain insights into their true potential, to expand their awareness of who they could become as a person, and live a purposeful and successful life.

Organisational Psychologist: Dr Christopher Fong

Chris has a distinguished career in strategic leadership spanning over 2 decades, covering a wide spectrum of businesses from both the public and the private sector. He is the lead consultant at Optum Healthcare, responsible for their broad suite of Health and Wellbeing programs. He also develops and delivers executive related content like career coaching, talent development, and administering profiling analytics.

One of his key research on Fathers at the workplace conducted nationwide in 2012 impacted government and business organisations’ pro-family and work-life friendly policies. In 2015, he has conferred the Doctor of Professional Studies (Practice Research) and is a voting member with the American Psychological Association.

Digital Forensics & Counter-Terrorism

Cyber Security Specialist: Mr Ronald

Ronald is the Director of Secure Information Technologies, a leading cybersecurity agency specialising in project management, security, networking, and IT service level management. He has over 20 years of industry experience in information technology across Europe and Asia. Ronald is a highly experienced and innovative security consultant whose work is mainly based on his 20 year-experience running his security consulting firm. He has extensive experience in digital forensic investigation, anti-forensic, penetration testing, mobile forensics, and network security.

Global Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Expert: Mr Ali Fazeli

Ali is a highly interactive and innovative trainer whose work is based on research and applied knowledge from his extensive experience in computer security, data recovery, digital forensic investigation, anti-forensic, and cyberwar. For more than a decade in his career, Ali has assisted and trained numerous information technology security professional in Asia. He is accredited as a specialist in the successful investigation and prosecution of fraudsters from the dark and underworld of the Internet.

Ali is one of the most versatile IT security professional and expert in the world, having taken on roles and responsibilities like being an advisory expert to guidance consultant. Today, he spends a substantial amount of his time consulting, advising, and training IT security professionals. Ali has also contributed extensively to helping numerous governments and private organisations face IT risks and provide security recommendations. Some of his clients include Nanyang Polytechnic, Grant Thornton, Singapore Armed Forces, and Singapore Police Force.

Marketing, Sales and Service Excellence

Digital Marketing Expert: Walter Lim

Walter has more than 22 years of senior management experience in online and offline marketing, public relations, campaign and events marketing, and strategic planning. As a practising digital marketing consultant, he specialises in brand storytelling, content marketing, social media, PR, and online campaign management.

Walter is a council member of the Media Literacy Council (led by IMDA Singapore) and has spoken at multiple conferences on topics such as branding, public relations, and social media marketing. He is a prolific blogger and has written for Social Media Today, Outbrain, Duct Tape Marketing, Startup Nation, Spin Sucks, Tweak Your Biz, Tech In Asia, Marketing Insiders, e27 and Yahoo! News and featured on The Straits Times, TODAY, Power 98 and 938 LIVE, Young Upstart, Ikiguide and The Content Guy.

Digital Marketing & Transformation

Award-Winning Digital Marketing Strategist: Mr Ariff Kamal

Ariff is a founding partner and principal trainer at Think Digital Sdn Bhd, a boutique digital marketing training agency based in Malaysia with offices in Singapore. He has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and has worked in top regional firms such as ClickMedia, OOM, and Click Academy Asia in various senior sales, marketing, and training roles.

Ariff actively speaks for Google at Industry Events across South East Asia. He is also one of the few Certified Google Regional Trainer that trains the official Google Ads and Analytics certification courses for various agencies, brands, and universities throughout Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He has also keynoted more than 50 events and has led seminars and sessions focused on digital strategy, search, mobile, social media, and digital analytics in South East Asia audiences ranging from C-level executives to technical implementation teams.

Digital Marketing Expert: Mr Ivan Wong

Ivan has over 20 years of experience in business consulting, training, digital marketing, conversion optimisation, and digital analytics from both client-side and within the agency environment. He is also one of the few Google-appointed Regional Trainers that trains the official Google Ads, Analytics, and Mobile Advertising courses. In addition, he is an external trainer and consultant for TheKnowledgeEngineers, General Assembly, Econsultancy, ClickAcademy Asia, and adjunct lecturer for Singapore Polytechnic & PSB Academy, all of which offer premium training programs for Asia’s professional talents.

He was formerly the SEO/Analytics Director with GroupM Asia-Pacific. Prior to that he was Director of e-Commerce at Far East Hospitality, Singapore’s largest operator of hotels and serviced residences. Well-versed in both the technical and business aspects of digital marketing, his passion is helping marketers and organisations of all types use digital marketing effectively to drive profitability and growth.

Business & Video Strategist: Mr Melvyn Tan

Melvyn is the founder of Befinity Media, a digital media agency focusing on helping smart businesses accelerate their growth by using videos to dominate search and social. He founded LINE consulting, a boutique strategy advisory firm in Singapore. Leveraging his 14 years of experience as a business strategist, Melvyn and his team formulate strategies to help businesses leverage videos to reach their intended audience.

He’s a highly sought-after trainer and speaker due to his diverse skill set. Melvyn is a video evangelist and LinkedIn’s top video creator in Asia. He is also a growth hacker on Facebook and a vlogger on YouTube. He has spoken at numerous events including LinkedIn local events in Singapore and has conducted training for Institute for Adult Learning, SGH, Centre for Career Excellence, and Citibank

Business Technology Expert: Mr Alvin Lam

Alvin has more than 15 years of experience in enabling technology and processes to serve businesses. With an unparalleled unique combination of business, IT and Asian multi-cultural knowledge, he has established himself as one of the most highly regarded thought leaders in Asia, specialising in the areas of IT service management, IT governance, business strategies, digital business and cloud computing.

With the experience of working with a wide variety of solution vendors and C-level executives in the private and public sectors, Alvin provides insights into business and the challenges ahead for executives in decision-making processes. He has more than 30 Professional Certifications in the areas of business, technology and life skills – a testament of an active lifelong learner himself

Public Relations & Social Media Strategist: Andrew Chow

Andrew has spoken in over 15 countries in a span of 5 years and has addressed more than 20,000 people on digital marketing, personal branding, enneagram, public relations, and branding. His 30-year career has seen him work with an array of clients including AXA Insurance, Singtel, Sony Pictures, M1, and Starhub.

While he is a successful entrepreneur and speaker based in Singapore, he is also the best-selling author of a highly popular series of books: Social Media 24/7, Public Relations 24/7 and Personal Branding 24/7. Andrew has had more than 300 interviews and features published about him and his business by both local and regional media.

Digital Storytelling Pioneer: Ms Angeline Koh

Angeline is the founder and principal storytelling coach of Tyros Pte Ltd (formerly known as Digital Storytelling Asia). She had the honour of introducing Digital Storytelling at FinTech Festival 2018, the world’s largest platform for the global FinTech community. She was the first Asian invited to give the keynote address at the premier annual International Festival of Digital Storytelling 2011 in the UK organised by the Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University and supported by the Arts Council of Wales, National Assembly of Wales and the BBC.

Trained as a graphic designer, she was one of 16 to receive the Lifelong Learner Award in 2008 presented by MediaCorp, WDA, NTUC, and Spring Singapore, for her continued pursuit of personal development. She is also a member of the international digital storytelling community comprising digital storytelling academics and practitioners.

Organisational Psychologist: Ms Eileen Seah

Eileen is an organisational psychologist with a unique mix of human resource, and business skills. She has personally coached hundreds of professionals in career transition by instilling, and inculcating positive psychology throughout each journey.

In addition to the MSc, she holds an MBA, a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, a post-graduate diploma in Marketing, and is a certified facilitator across different talent development programs. She started her career at the Ministry of Defence as part of campus hire and moved to join a local bank as a Graduate Trainee. Eileen also lead Customer Service, Operations, Tactical Marketing, Learning & Talent Development teams in Asia for MNCs such as, SITA, and Thomson Reuters.

Certified Google Ads and HubSpot Specialist: Gavin Choo

Gavin is a seasoned digital marketing entrepreneur, ACTA certified trainer, and consultant. He is passionate about showing business owners and brand marketers how to get results when it comes to search and digital marketing campaigns. He has 6 certifications across Google and Hubspot topics – AdWords Fundamental, AdWords Search, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Email Marketing, and HubSpot Content Marketing.

He founded several digital agencies and has worked in the industry for more than 10 years in various roles such as sales, marketing, and business development. He is highly motivated, warm, and genuinely wants to see his clients realise their growth opportunities online. Disruptive Digital, a full-service digital agency he co-founded, utilises a unique blend of strategy, creative, and technology, and data to help clients drive growth and competitive advantage.

Business Strategist & Award-Winning CFO: Dr Nina Tan

Nina is a Fellow Chartered Accountant in ISCA, ACCA and CPA (Aust). She has an MBA and completed the International Management Program with Stanford-NUS. She was also awarded the best Art of War CFO by Sun Tzu Art of War Institute in 2011.

Using proven techniques, Nina has been highly successful in garnering equity investors, management, and shareholders support to actualise international investment projects such as the consolidation between SingTel and ST Telemedia’s trunk radio business, merger of Sunpage/ST Mobile Data/ST Trunk Radio, Joint Venture with China Unicom, and her own start-up specialty chemical companies in US/Asia Pacific. Nina is acknowledged by many MNC and Fortune 500 corporate trainees for her lively programs in Beijing, Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore and US.

AI & Chatbot Expert: Mr William Wee

William has more than 10 years of international business experience, spanning across the public service and private sectors. He is the Regional Business Director of KeyReply, an AI company that builds enterprise-level virtual assistant and chatbot solutions. His expertise is on implementing digital transformation solutions in both the large company space as well as in startups.

Within the digital marketing space, William had led many successful data-driven marketing campaigns as the head of the transport business at NTUC Link, the largest loyalty program in Singapore. He holds an MBA with Manchester Business School as well as a Mechanical Engineering (Design) degree with Nanyang Technological University.

Organisational & Leadership Coach: Dr Patrick Chan

Patrick is a multi-disciplinary and accomplished finance educator, accredited mediator, and a positive psychology coach with a proven success record. Over the past 20 years, he has held various positions in Nanyang Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University, SIM University, and RMIT has an educator. He has also authored five bestselling books including ‘Beyond The Blue: In Search of Blue Oceans’, ‘5 H.E.A.R.T. Beats of Happiness: The Science to be Happier’, ‘Leading & Managing Organizational Behavior’, and ‘Managing Your Personal Finance’.

Patrick has a vast client portfolio which includes AIA Financial Health Academy, Manulife, Ministry of Home Affairs, NTUC Income, Pilfzer Singapore, Prudential Assurances, INSEAD, Ministry of Defence, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Prisons Services, and YMCA.

Digital Transformation Strategist: Mr Richard Wong

Richard inspires, motivates, and educates businesses on how to overcome challenges in digital transformation to stand out from the noise and reach their target audience. He is the founder and chief consultant at Embark Social. With more than 20 years of corporate and entrepreneur experience, he has extensive market exposure from North to South Asia and has worked in various reputable multinational companies in  Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) industries.

Richard’s knowledge and experience allow him to understand the challenges faced by companies in their digital transformation journey. He is able to identify these challenges and provide the optimised and efficient solutions for his clients such as Cisco, Toshiba, Singapore Press Holdings, China Daily Hong Kong, National University Hospitals and many more.