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What Our Clients Say

Highly Applicable Training with Real-World Examples

“Melvyn was more than happy to answer any questions and gave us valuable real world information. From someone who didn’t know anything about podcasting production, I developed lots of different ideas from him. He has a wealth of information which was passed on easily in a friendly and easy to understand manner.”

Ms. Ramanee
Asian Agribiz

Customized To Resolve Participants’ Challenged

“There was good and useful sharing of relevant examples and trainer’s experience on challenges raised by participants, instead of simply throwing us with theory and big words.”

Ms. Yap
Deloitte Consulting (SEA)

Well Designed Training with Engaged Participants

“Maxine is very engaging and able to capture the participants attention throughout the course. She provides examples and also useful tips that are relevant to our job scope!”

Mr. Ryan Loh
Lundbeck Singapore

Engaging And High Impact Virtual Trainings

“Trainer is positive and creative, share many stories, experience with participants and is very relatable! Thumbs up! Good job in keeping the participants engaged despite being conducted on an online platform!”

Ms. Ngo
Ministry of Education

Effectively Designed Virtual Trainings

“There was clarity in communication, good pacing of the course, empathetic to tech fatigue allowing for eye rest enhancing concentration, engaging, very responsive to questions raised, attentive to participants’ comments in chat function, knowledgeable on subject matter.”

Ms. Rachelle
Ministry of Home Affairs

Knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts Delivering Trainings

“Diana was very knowledgeable about the subject matter of interpersonal and communication skills. She had good ability in engaging all the participants on the challenging online platform and was able to draw references from the participants’ sharing and experiences to the lessons – that really helped in reinforcing the concepts learnt.

Mr. Chen
National Gallery Singapore

> 200
Satisfied Clients

> 300
Successful Workshops

> 500
Solutions Delivered

Who You Can Look Forward To

International Network of Experienced Trainers
We pride on having a strong team of international trainers, coaches, facilitators from around the globe, at your service.

Certified Digital Credentials To Showcase Post-Training
We issue recognized digital credentials in the form of certified open badges that you may showcase on your LinkedIn Profiles, and enhance your professional status.

Extensive Experience with Successful Track Record
We have been delivering successful training solutions to businesses ever since 2008. Our powerful track record features hundreds of successful programs, and over 200 satisfied clients to date.

Proven Learning Pedagogy & Methodology
We purposefully design every training solution to encompass learning methodologies that suit the profile of learners.

Our Satisfied Clients

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