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The moment you got promoted to a manager, you knew your life would never be the same. Although having a higher position means better pay and incentives, it also comes with probably one of the greatest responsibilities any employee can ever take on—leadership. You are doing well as a manager and were able to turn most challenges into successes. Still, you feel like you can do more. You don’t only want to be a good manager. You want to be a good leader.


What’s the Difference between a Leader and a Manager?

As the saying goes, leaders are made and not born. The first step to becoming an effective leader is to know the differences between managing and leading people.

  • Managers have goals while leaders have visions. But aren’t they the same? Most managers set goals and take control of their environment by imposing rules that help them reach those goals. Leaders, on the other hand, have a picture of all the possibilities that can happen in the business and they do whatever it takes to inspire their team into realizing that vision.
  • Managers mimic while leaders are unique. You’re probably guilty of this, but a lot of managers only follow what they learn from other managers or mentors since it’s the easier route and they know that it works. But real leaders do more than just follow. They know what makes them different and are willing to work hard to stand out. They are not afraid to take risks because they are confident enough with their skills but careful enough to avoid mishaps.
  • Managers are all about the status quo while leaders foster change. Most managers stick to the system in place and only refine them. But leaders know that an existing system may need to be changed to help the business grow. They are catalysts of change because they believe that even if something is effective, there are still better ways to do it to keep up with competition and foster progress within the company.
  • Managers rely on tried and tested skills while leaders crave personal growth. Managers know what made them get to where they are and will stick to those skills since they’re already proven. But leaders always feel the need to learn something new to not get left behind. They value their existing skills but work hard on improving themselves to stay relevant and keep up with an ever-changing industry.

Now that you know the difference between a manager and a leader, you can take the next step towards becoming better at leading people. One of the best ways to get started is by taking up leadership courses that allow you to improve existing skills, increase your productivity, make better decisions and nurture future leaders. You can also gain a lot more than you think by going through leadership training:


You get to build Confidence in yourself and Share it with your Team

There’s no better way to be inspired about leadership than by learning from the achievements of successful leaders. In our course Dare to Lead: From Managers to Leaders, we will help you build that foundation of confidence within you by increasing your personal awareness as a leader and manager. As you transition from being an executive to being a manager, we will offer you tips on how to build and keep that connection with your team, guide them in improving their performance and handling challenges gracefully, all while building your own confidence as a leader.


You get to Communicate Better with your Team

When you are holding a higher position, it’s easy to think that you have the authority to do all the talking while your team listens. But that’s not how things work in the real world because if you take control of everything, your team will most likely start to resist your leadership. With our High Impact Manager & Supervisor Training, you get to avoid this mishap by learning how to transition as an effective manager. From delegating tasks efficiently to getting the results that you expect, we will help you create the strategies that you need to reach your goals as a leader.


You get to understand your Leadership Style

Are you a democratic, autocratic, strategic or transformational leader? The truth is until you fully understand your leadership style, you will never be able to lead your team efficiently. In our course Powerful Keys to Effective Leadership, we will not only introduce the nine different leadership paradigms, but we will also teach you about the leadership profiling tool Enneagram that will help you understand your team, colleagues, competitors, and partners better so you can create strategies that are in line with how they see things. This powerful tool will help you identify strengths so you can capitalize on them and weaknesses so you can turn them into strengths. In this one-day high impact workshop, you will be able to determine your leadership style and use this to lead your team more effectively.


You get to Understand People, which is Essential to Leading Them

One of the biggest challenges of leading a team is knowing how to deal with different personalities that might clash at some point. Being a good leader means knowing how to understand and adapt to different types of human behavior so you know exactly how to inspire your team. Understanding your team will also help you deal with conflicts more effectively to avoid any divisions that could affect you in achieving your goals.


You get to become more Resilient

The world of business can be unforgiving. It is highly demanding and very competitive that only the strongest survive and the rest succumb to the claws of failure. This is why resiliency really counts when you work as a manager. Since your team will be relying on your leadership to get through the tough times, taking on leadership courses that teach you the tricks to dealing with stressful situations would be a huge plus on your part. By enrolling in a workshop called Enhance Emotional Resilience at Work, you will be introduced to the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching tool that allows you to build resilience and improve relationships at work. This will help you deal with things that are beyond your control, adapt to rapid changes and still maintain focus on your job.


You get to Adapt to Changes more Efficiently

No matter how strong your company is, you will have to deal with change at some point It could be a major turn for the business or an important member of the team leaving. Whatever these changes are, it’s your responsibility to deal with the stress that comes with them and still keep your team on track with your goals. With Leading Change with Appreciative Inquiry, you get to learn how to cope with change effectively by taking you through the process of change. You will also be introduced to the Appreciative Inquiry tool where you get to take a closer look at change from different perspectives: personal, group, organizational and environmental, and how you can use this to create the right strategies to embrace change and still move forward with your goals as a team and business.


You get to make Better Decisions

Decision-making is crucial to the success (or downfall) of your team. So, if you’re one of those who constantly change your mind, it’s best to enroll in a leadership course that will help you make better decisions that will benefit your team. Here, you will be given different scenarios that will test your decision-making skills so when real situations come, you already know how to deal with them effectively.


You get the Career Boost that you need

While you’re probably happy with your position, you still have the desire to continue moving up the corporate ladder. One of the best ways to do that is by taking on leadership courses that will help you gain more knowledge, expand your skills and build your portfolio to get that competitive edge against other managers in your company. Aside from getting recognized for your efforts, you will also get to build a strong network in and outside your company, which is important if you want to succeed as a manager.


You don’t only become a Good Leader, but you also become a Better Person

Sometimes, you get easily lost in the middle of trying to deliver your deadlines, manage your team and impress your bosses that you even forget about yourself. But at the end of the day, it’s not all about business because you need to find yourself first before you can be an effective leader. Mindful Leadership: Transforming Self and Inspiring Others will help you become a more mindful leader through insights and practices that have been tested on professionals to help them thrive in such a demanding world. In this workshop, you’ll learn to build yourself up from the inside so you can deal with challenges effectively while maintaining inner peace and reducing stress.



Becoming an effective leader will be, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences in your career. Although leading people is no easy task and you will find yourself struggling at some point, taking leadership courses will help you build the right skills to not only survive but thrive in such a highly demanding and competitive world like a business.

You also get the chance to know yourself better so you can improve your weaknesses and bank on your strengths. This and a lot more benefits make the experience of joining a leadership course more worthwhile. So, if you’ve been thinking about taking that leadership course, go ahead and make that move now. It will be the best decision you’ll ever make in your career.