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“What topics are suitable for my employees to help them adapt to this Covid situation?”

This has been the golden question I have been receiving from my clients, existing and new, in recent weeks. And I am indeed glad that this question was asked too, as it shows how employers are putting in efforts to invest in the welfare of their staff and themselves during this down time of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Even though times are difficult, and business may be slow, I am a firm believer that this is also an OPPORTUNITY for businesses to upskill and emerge stronger once this crisis passes.

That is why as a solution provider, I proposed these following topics which are guaranteed to equip employees to overcome the challenges faced with ‘Telecommuting & Working with Virtual Teams’, and ‘Enhance the Emotional Resilience’ of your employees while paying attention to ‘Mindfulness’ and emerging as a stronger individual in your emotional and mental state.

And the best part is, we can conduct these training ONLINE and it’s starting from a minimal duration of a 1.5 Hour Webinar!


1. The Key to Telecommuting & Working with Virtual Teams

Telecommuting and working virtually has become a common mode of work for most companies through the prevailing Covid-19 situation to sustain their business operations and processes. This means that co-workers are now physically separated from each other and the main mode of communication with each other or with their managers are through electronic means (telephone, email, tele-conference meetings, etc.).

This may prove a new challenge for businesses as managers need to learn how to keep their remote employees engaged while simultaneously avoiding burnout. Employees who are now working remotely need to also be re-trained on how to work efficiently despite the change in environment and not lose the morale.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • Develop understanding of success factors for virtual teams and how all team members can contribute to that success
  • Apply knowledge and skills during virtual team meetings
  • Build better working relationships in a virtual environment


2. Meeting a Pandemic with Mindfulness

As we navigate through the waves of change, restrictions, and uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, we may be experiencing fear and anxiety towards the risks we face and what the future might bring, or even feel like we are drowning in a sea of gloom.

How do we regain a sense of calm and stay emotionally balanced, instead of allowing our stress to spiral into panic and hopelessness? Mindfulness gives us the capacity to regulate our emotions and cope with stress more skilfully and supports us in building the resilience we need to pull through turbulent times.

Mindfulness has always been a regular favourite among companies to organize for their staff even before this Covid crisis struck. But now – more than ever – companies come to best appreciate how Mindfulness is a useful tool and practice to build the resilience of their staff towards handling the crisis.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

Be engaged in bite-sized mindfulness practices, in both stillness and movement and in various postures throughout the session, and learn:

  • how the skills of mindfulness empower us in managing stress and calming our anxieties;
  • how to be less reactive and respond to others in a more skilful way;
  • how to make wiser decisions for both ourselves and the collective good;
  • and how to start a personal mindfulness practice as part of your daily routine.


3. Building A Resilient Mindset To Overcome All Odds

It’s no doubt a challenging time for many businesses and individuals with the Covid-19 virus set to stay for at least a couple more months. We need to learn to adapt to changes in work arrangements, manage our concerns and anxieties, and all these challenges pose a significant strain & risk to our health, mental, & emotional wellness.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in its simplest explanation is a user’s manual for the brain. A strategy to help any individual build a stronger and mentally resilient mindset to overcome the changes in a challenging environment. This talk allows you to learn and experience simple and yet powerful tools to create a stronger person from within, strengthening your mental and emotional resilience.

If Mindfulness practice isn’t enough, why not turn to another highly popular and useful tool – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – to further strengthen your staff’s emotional resilience through this crisis.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

This keynote session will begin your journey of self-discovery to be a stronger and emotionally intelligent individual to overcome challenging situations, and learn:

  • The 3 factors that affects your emotional & mental states and your actions

#1: The Pictures we paint in our heads

#2: The Words and Tone we used

#3: Our Physiology

  • 2 simple but wonderful tools which allow you to change your emotional state within minutes

#1: Gratitude

#2: Deep Breathing Exercises


So are you ready to take your company’s best assets – your employees, and yourself – to the next level during this time?

Feel free to get in touch with me, Carmen @ 6720 3333 or email carmen@aventisglobal.com, so we can get started right away in organizing the relevant courses for you and your staff! Chat with you soon!

P/S: I may have some awesome discounts (for a limited time only!) for you if you’re interested in any of the above topics, so let’s get in touch now!