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Some of you might ask this question “What is the secret to building good relationship with others?”. The answer is you need to stop talking and start listening to others. This is the secret ingredient to all relationship.

One reason is that so many of us are always talking, posting on social media, sharing information, texting out what we need and what we want. Stop and think about that for a moment. Sometimes, the best way to connect with others is to listen to what they are saying but also to receive their body language signals. We are all sending them, every minute of the day, but if you’re too busy sending them, you won’t really connect. You won’t see how others are trying to reach you at the same time.

Now that you’re starting to change your mindset, here are five guaranteed ways to build meaningful relationships with people you meet:

  • Be Genuine

The only connections that work will be the ones that you truly care about; the world will see through anything short of that. If you don’t have a genuine interest in the person with whom you’re trying to connect, then stop trying. Keep in mind that you need to be genuine to people around you.

  • Provide Massive Help

Even the biggest and most powerful people in the world have something they’d like help with. Too many people never reach out to those above them due to the fear that they wouldn’t be able to offer anything in return. But you have more to offer than you realize: write an article or blog post about them, share their project with your community, offer to spread their message through a video interview with them. Give real thought to who you could connect them with to benefit their goals. If it turns out you can’t be that helpful, the gesture alone will stand out.

  • Pay attention to others

It’s nearly impossible to genuinely offer help if you don’t pay attention — I mean real attention, not just to what business they started or what sport they like! Do your research by reading blog posts, books and articles about the connection beforehand. Learn about their backgrounds and passions. Invest genuine time in learning what really matters to them and how you can help.

  • Be Supportive

In listening to your potential friend or acquaintance, figure out ways to help them if they need your help.  Are they looking for inters and do you know people you could recommend? Are they hosting an event they want people to show up for and you have a platform or newsletter you can share it on? Do they need volunteers at that event, and you can space a few hours on your schedule that day? Be a problem-solver and they will always remember it. Always think about how you can add value to their life, and do not expect anything in return. One way or another, it will come back to you.

  • Be Vulnerable

Being yourself and sharing your truth, no matter how vulnerable that makes you feel, give people a chance to know you and truly connect with you. Within what you feel comfortable sharing, there will likely be some common interests that the other person will build on. Being authentic and honest also helps the other person do the same. They are less likely to feel embarrassed or that you’re judging them if you put yourself out there too. Stories of professional challenges, personal struggles and career wins can be a good place to start. These heartfelt conversations will allow you both to open up on their journey, which will create a stronger emotional connection.


So, are you ready to connect better with others? Are you confident enough that you can build a good relationship with your co-workers, bosses, or even your friends and family? Communication is always the key to building a good relationship. Try to put yourself in people’ shoe and understand their situation before you make any remarks or comments.


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