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I’m sure that we have a lot of hesitations when it comes to studying online. Many things have to be taken into considerations such as the quality, faculty, credibility, price and flexibility. One of the most common concerns that we received during the introduction of online workshops is, “It is not as productive and effective as a traditional classroom setting”. In today’s blog article, we will clarify some of the top concerns our students have.

  • It is not as productive and effective compared to a traditional classroom setting

Webinars have been empirically tested and proven effective for higher education and professional training, according to a study conducted by Andreas Gegenfurtner and Christian Ebner, on Webinars in higher education and professional training: A meta-analysis and systematic review of randomized controlled trials. The findings suggest that webinars were slightly more effective than online asynchronous learning management systems and offline face-to-face classroom instructions.

Another factor to take into consideration that will contribute to the effectiveness of a webinar lesson is the faculty. An engaging trainer will create a riveting experience for students, allowing them to understand and memorize better. Our faculties will ensure that students have fully grasped the syllabus before proceeding with another chapter.

  • It’s similar to watching a youtube video online

While it’s true that there is plenty of content available on the World Wide Web, there are a few differentiating factors from our programs and content found online. Our online webinars involve interaction between faculty and students. While we do have pre-recorded videos available for students to review and learn, our programs also include an online live webinar.

Upon completion of the module, you will receive a certification of completion depending on the program that you have signed up for – Professional Certificate, Executive Certificate, or Graduate Diploma Certificate. As these certifications are issued by Aventis and taught by industry experts and certified trainers, it will greatly boost your credentials.

  • There is little interaction between the trainer and student

Interaction levels depend on the number of students. The bigger the class, the lesser opportunity for engagement will be present for students. Therefore at Aventis, we regulate the number of attendees for every webinar so that all of our students will receive a personalized session with our faculty.

Last week, we proceeded with an online webinar for both of our Graduate Diplomas in Digital Transformation and Innovation and Chinese Strategic Thinking. Our faculties maintained a high level of engagement amongst students and ensured that they were all able to apply the curriculum to their work.

  • I am not digitally-savvy enough, thus I will have difficulty attending the class

With the current situation of Covid-19, it has affected the economy and is most likely heading for a recession. The Government has reinforced social distancing to minimize risk of infection which has affected operations and education. Most companies are allowing their employees to work from home and are conducting their conferences via Zoom, the same platform that we are using to conduct our webinars.

Webinar is one of the more popular options from the kaleidoscope of digital learning. Exploring a new area will always be daunting but it should not hinder your growth potential and desire to learn. As online learning is part of the Digital Transformation integration process, we should be receptive to change and adapt.

  • It is not compulsory to attend the webinar, I’ll just revisit the recorded material another day

While it is true that we record all of our webinars for students who are unable to attend the online workshop, we strongly advise our students to attend the webinar. At Aventis, our faculties will try to incorporate your working background into the syllabus. Our holistic learning experience will allow students to absorb information and stimulate their mind effectively.

By joining the webinar, it allows you to receive added value and curated content specifically catered for you. We want you to receive the best experience with us, here at Aventis.