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  • Does it take you longer to get your work done than your colleagues?
  • Do you feel it takes you longer to learn new information or read a book than it should?
  • Does it take a longer time for you to think of a good solution during critical situations?
  • Do you feel anxious and worried whenever you are asked to decide?

Thinking fast can brings you plenty of good benefits. When people are required to think quickly, they report feeling happier, more energetic, more creative, and more self-confident. Faster thinking can enhance skills critical to success such as planning, goal setting, problem solving, and the ability to stay focused on tasks. When you know you can think fast on your feet, it can make you more comfortable socially, when speaking with customers or clients, or when giving presentations at work.

We can totally understand that it is not as easy as said. We have compiled a list of tips for your easy reference and understanding.


It takes practice and perseverance to be successful. Never give up just because you failed for the first time. You are doing well and great! Hang in there and always remember that Aventis got your back! 🙂


Train Your Brain to Think Fast and Think Smart

How to Think Faster, More Efficiently and Accurately