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Believe it or not, over six billion people on earth are affected by Digital Transformation daily. Need to get a cab? Book for a ride with Grab. Feeling a little peckish? Place an order for food delivery. Not sure what to settle for? Look up that renowned food Influencer on Instagram for recommendations.

These are some job opportunities that are created by Digital Transformation and Innovation, leveraging unidentified needs that exist from consumers. While the wave of Digital Transformation 4.0 has helped to create new job opportunities, it is also already in the process of replacing our jobs. Here’s a list of industries that will most likely be disrupted by Artificial Intelligence.

Food Service Line

In today’s world of advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence, robots have been designed to serve consumers. Currently in implementation of automation is a Chinese Hotpot restaurant, Hai Di Lao. Equipped with food delivery robots and an intelligent kitchen management system, customers can customize their preference that will be recorded for their next visit. With this disruption, it has replaced most of the operation team with Artificial Intelligence.


Fervent readers can purchase and download digital copies to read on their preferred devices. Bookstores specialized in distributing books should focus on other sales generating elements to sustain. Borders is a victim of digital disruption as they did not foresee the rise of e-books, thus leading them to their downfall. Although there may still be consumers that relish walking in bookstores to purchase physical copies,

Cab drivers

Once disrupted by private hire players in the market, cab drivers can anticipate experiencing Artificial Intelligence disruption again in future. Autonomous cars are currently amid development and experiments before gradually easing into the driverless market. This Artificial Intelligence disruption is devised to reduce accidents and increase efficiency on the road. Eventually, air taxis will penetrate the market and join as another segment in the private hire sector.


Did you know? The conversion rate for a telemarketer is only 1%.

One of the main deliverables as a telemarketer is to provide information regarding a product or service for the customers. Very little emotional intelligence is required for this role; hence it can be easily replaced by Artificial Intelligence. This role is predicted to be completely taken over by Artificial Intelligence in the years to come.


The invention of smartphones and smart homes has created an idealization of a smart robot that could potentially replace human receptionists. Equipped with a touch screen interface or voice activation, artificial intelligence can provide you with assistance and information all around the clock. Through this application, it can help to collect data and mine effectively to generate additional revenue while reducing cost on manpower.

If your job falls into any of these categories, your career may be at risk. Here’s the good news: It’s still not too late. While there are still demands for these roles, it will not interrupt Artificial Intelligence disruption from dominating the market in future. Here are four methods on how we can deal with this double-edged sword and future-proof ourselves.

Upgrade yourself

Invest in yourself and your future. Set a goal for yourself to challenge conformity. Read a book every week or learn a new language. Pursue a higher education in a field that will be relevant and beneficial to your future. Utilize SkillsFuture funds provided by the government to obtain a certification. The world is your oyster, do something that your future self will thank you for.

Pick up a new skill

Content is king, but distribution is queen. With easy access to information at your fingertips, you can easily pick up a new skill on various platforms. Focus on a new skill that you would like to develop or hone that will increase your employability and sustainability in your organization. Some of the skills that will render you an irreplaceable employee are: Enhancing your soft skills, productivity, public speaking, digital transformation and analytics.

Career switch

While this may seem obvious, most working adults do not make a career switch despite all visible red flags. Mid-level executives fear the uncertainty of a new job or may have external circumstances that are refraining them from advancing. Starting on a new journey is never easy but will definitely come to fruition in the long run.


If you have a decent amount of savings, investment is something you can consider securing yourself from retrenchment and work towards an early retirement. However, this option comes with high risk and should not be ventured unless you are clear of the consequences with a contingency plan.

Now, what are you now going to do?