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With the existing pandemic, many new technologies have taken the world by the storm, as businesses and companies scramble to maintain their operations through telecommuting and moving them online or to be managed remotely as much as possible.

Communication is something human beings aren’t able to live without, but what happens now when we are forced to stay home or maintain social distancing? We aren’t able to communicate as freely or in-person as much as we wish to anymore.

And that is when video or tele-conferencing tools such as Zoom become highly essential, and the key challenge faced by many employers and especially employees is: How to use it?

Zoom has many hidden functions that you probably didn’t know about

Beyond the basic functions of having a simple call / meeting with a few attendees, there are many other highly useful features available in video-conferencing tools such as Zoom that many do not know of.

Did you know about all these unique features in Zoom?


1. You can share a Video Clip WITH AUDIO in Zoom

Zoom is the only video conferencing platform on which you can screen share a video clip with native audio. We know this sounds kind of crazy because why would you ever want to share video without audio, what kind of video meeting service would even build that? But it’s the truth: no one else can share both video and audio.


2. More Than Just Screen Sharing: Co-Annotate and Remote Control Functions also available

Apart from the usual screen sharing feature, the collaboration fun doesn’t stop there. After you’ve shared your screen, you and fellow participants may utilise the additional functions to co-annotate the shared feed, and give control over your screen to any given participant.

With annotation, you can use arrows, lines, pen, highlighter, eraser, and more. The host can also lock annotations to prevent any inappropriate drawings your team may make on your presentation (eek!). With remote control, another user can (with your permission), take control of your desktop or a window, particularly useful for fields like tech support.


But… You have more questions about Zoom, don’t you?

Questions like…

  1. What is the difference between a FREE or PAID Version of Zoom? Is it worth to invest in the PAID Version?
  2. What is the difference between making someone a Host or Co-Host?
  3. I can make use of Eventbrite Integration? How?
  4. How do I create a poll in Zoom, or make use of the breakout rooms?

And more…

All these questions and knowledge of various functions can be easily resolved with a fully guided session with a Zoom expert. Our trainer will walk you through how to BEST utilise Zoom for your personal or business meetings and webinars + Provide you a simple ZOOM CHECKLIST to guide you through successfully running every Zoom Meeting and Webinar.

ON TOP OF THIS, we’re now offering you additional COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to an e-learning course (worth SGD300)!

Do feel free to contact Ms. Carmen @ 6720 3333 if you have any queries.

Let’s help to make your learning journey in these new technologies an easier, and more enjoyable one! 😊

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