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To successfully execute Digital Transformation in any business or organisation, the 5 Change Blocks of Digital Transformation must each be understood, addressed and embraced throughout the process and thereafter. To avoid or skip a change block would be to the detriment of a Digital Transformation project. Let’s take a closer look at the effects of each change block:

  1. Strategy & Culture

Strategy is the starting point to creating a high performance Digital Business. Without strategy the culture of the business becomes a reactive one, rather than a proactive one, which leads to digitising services rather than total Digital Transformation.

  1. Staff & Customer Engagement

Change is often met with resistance which can come from those internal or external to the business. Through better engagement, providing clarity around the reasons for change, how it will happen and each individual’s role, a business can counter-act this resistance.

  1. Process & Innovation

Defining and refining processes gives businesses the opportunity to become more efficient, and use this time to innovate. Without continually evolving processes and innovation, a business is left with incoherent action and cannot move forward.

  1. Technology

 Digital Businesses assume technology will permeate every aspect of operations. While transformation should not start with a focus on technology, it should be assumed it will be there and understood that competitive advantage is not created by technology, but by leaders and the strategies they devise.

Technology is the enabler, rarely the differentiator.

  1. Data & Analytics

A vital component in becoming a high performance Digital Business is being able to use the vast amounts of data and analytics available in decision making, experimentation and advancing in the digital age. Without this ability, businesses are met with stagnation.

To begin the journey of Digital Transformation, businesses and organisations must begin with their strategy.

The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy

Do you want a high performance, evidence based Digital Business Strategy? Of course you do. The 7PDBS has been through academic peer review and has been implemented by over 200 businesses.

1:           Know Yourself: – A clear diagnosis of the situation, an easily understood strategic ambition and well articulated value proposition.

2:           Customer: – An empirical value for customer volume, the tasks they wish to complete and their motivations.

3:           Marketplace: – Who is the competition and what is their momentum?

4:           Resources: – Time, Talent & Cash can be dedicated to fulfilling the strategic ambition.

5:           Current Position: – Use your current web analytics to find your starting position.

6:           Engine of Growth: – Once you know where you are, you can make ‘a play’ and move your market position.

7:           Tactics: – Create Mile Markers. Break them into Projects. Break the Projects into Tasks.

Macro Analysis Using the Ionology Digital Strategy Quadrant

Advocacy – Slow but steady growth.

Authority – The preserve of a few focused and dedicated innovators in any market sector.

Attention – The default choice for those who need quick wins and have yet to truly innovate or disrupt. Prime – The largest, most well known dominant player in your market (should one exist).

Graduate Diploma in Digital Transformation and Innovation

Our online part-time Graduate Diploma focuses on these areas of digital transformation that will help you successfully transform and shift your business online. Covering the areas of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Automation, Design Thinking and Innovation, E-Business Strategy and Data Problem Solving, these modules will help you prepare for the digital future.

Design strategies and evaluate business models that grow your organization in this thriving age of digitalization. As part of the program, you will explore and learn from real-world case studies to enhance your Digital Quotient and lead your organization from being part of the herd that merely engages in digital to a remarkable, innovative enterprise.

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