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Ignite Your Passion At Work Today! Don’t Be The Same! Be Better! Be Happy !

Achieve Happiness at Work: 5 Ways to Fuel your Team with Positive Energy, Pride and Productivity

The simple fact is Happiness fuels success. When we think positive, we become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic and naturally becomes more productive at work. But it is so much harder to attain happiness and positive mindset with work piling up, projects overruns and workplace stress, generating negativity and relentless stress at work.

Can You Really Learn to Be Happy?

Research shows there are simple, concrete things you can do to feel more positive. Let Organizational Coach Ms Eileen Seah share with you the simple steps on how you can reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mind-set to achieve sustain success and motivation in our professional and personal lives.

The 5 Simple Tips To Achieve Happiness At Work

Grounded in the revolutionary “positive psychology”, Organizational Coach, Ms Eileen Seah combines the Art of Positive Psychology with the Scientific studies of Organizational psychology and offers valuable insights on how you can apply “Happiness At Work” anytime , anywhere by taking simple actions and accountability of your life.  Open your heart and mind to this life changing experience today.

  1. Understand the science of happiness and its benefits to the individual, the team and the organisation
  2. Learn how to Improve staff retention by being a happy manager and engaging your team
  3. Attract talent by building a happy work environment
  4. Design Happy programs and equipping your team with Happiness Tools
  5. Set “Happiness Goals” for the team & celebrate small milestones




A 1 Day Life Changing Workshop

“Eileen is both knowledgeable and sincere in helping others to succeed. I strongly recommend managers to listen with an open mind as I have personally benefitted from her counsel in my career journey”Integration Sourcing Manager, ANZ Bank
“I never knew something so simple can be so powerful and Eileen has helped me to stay focused on what I can change” Customer Experience Improvement Manager, DBS Singapore.

“This workshop is not only fun, it is a good way to learn what happiness is at work and in life. I strongly recommend it!” Marketing Manager, FOSROC Singapore