Raise your emotional intelligence & communicate effectively with everyone & anyone

Do you wish to foster stronger relationships, and have greater career success and more effective leadership skills? Wish to avoid ineffective communication and improve work relationships? Are you a working professional who yearns to understand your customer’s point of view?

Facts: Dealing with people can be Difficult

We all have different views and opinion and to align this view without an effective technique might be challenging for most of us. However, if we are equip with the critical skills set to approach different groups of people using different engagement, we can easily foster stronger relationships, achieve greater career success and be a more effective leader.

A 1 Day Practical Oriented Workshop on Emotional Intelligence

The birth of the term ‘Emotional Intelligence’ served as a missing link in the shocking finding that people with average IQ perform better than those with higher IQs 70% of the time.

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Do not let past negative experiences stump your willingness to try and form new relationships. Discover how you can use the DISC as a tool to come out tops with not just textbook answers but tried and tested techniques as well!

In this one-day workshop, learn how to raise your emotional intelligence, and communicate effectively with everyone and anyone. Learn the appropriate communication styles that will help avoid ineffective communication and improve work relationships.

Relationship building

  • Make use of EQ to interact positively with your colleagues and subordinates; and clients
  • Identify, discern and escalate people’s needs effectively
  • Maintain current relationships
  • Be able to read People by identifying one’s perception, values and beliefs

Discovering People communication tendencies

  • Personality development – Nature? Or Nurture?
  • Understand the 4 communication styles
  • Learn to use the four personality type psychometric tool (DISC) to communicate to different groups of people
  • Leverage on one’s strengths and work on his/her weaknesses
  • Understand the differences between behaviour and intentions-Customising communication style to different profile types.

Using the DISC to promote team cohesiveness and buddy systems.

  • Improve participants’ performance levels.
  • Reduce stress levels among colleagues.
  • Confidently handle and lessen grievances and complaints in a systematic and calm fashion.
  • Master the art of objection handling and work towards a resolution.


The topic is thought-provoking, and the trainer is very persuasive and knowledgeable on the subject mater – ASSAB Pacific

Highly entertaining and engaging speaker. Love the way she shares her experience & applied on the course objectives. – Centre for Management Technology

Extremely informative and interesting. Everything is well organized. Trainer is excellent and enlightening. Thank you. – Building and Construction Authority, BCA Singapore

Presenting Communication Coach:  Ms Caroline Dawson

Ms Caroline has more than 16 years of invaluable experience in soft-skills communication. During her numerous corporate exposure with local and foreign participants, Caroline has provided counselling and coaching services to many multicultural individuals and teams while also mentoring fellow educators in developing their professional skillsCaroline’s wide ranging expertise in the field of communication and management is just one half of the equation as her focus lies in the other where corporate education must always serve the business need and that any development intervention is an investment that must deliver a return. By closely observing and identifying individuals with special learning needs, she has maintained that experiential, innovative teaching methods and highly interactive curriculum are key motivational factors that enhance one’s communication and personal development skills.



100 Orchard Road
#04-100, Concorde Hotel


Course Fees


Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch

Contact Details

Ms. Grace Zheng


6720-3333 | phone

6720-2222 | fax

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