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Highly effective debt collection techniques that helps you collect all your receivables and bad debts

Wish to increase cash conversions, optimise resource utilization and have better return on investment?  Often, the problem is poor credit control and debt collection. Debt collection efforts wear off by 80% after a period of 90 days? Bad debt may be part and parcel of doing business, however, with effective debt collection techniques, it is something that can be managed and controlled to ensure the organization stays on the right track of probability.

Credit Repair & Debt Collection Best Practices


This 1 day high impact workshop will provide you with critical, fool-proof techniques that will help your company improve credit management and debt recovery. The workshop helps you to understand the debt collection cycle, precautionary and reactive actions, techniques and mediation in order to collect overdue credit, minimize the risk of bad debts and understand the legal parameters of such activities along with techniques in recovering overdue debts.

Facilitated by Mr George Goh who has over 25 years in a leading business and credit information service provider, George will share valuable personal experiences and practical techniques in debt recovery while retaining customers’ satisfaction.



  • How to deal with delaying or non-payment excuses and reduce credit exposure of difficult customers effectively
  • To be able to collect from financially distressed debtors
  • Grasp the importance of strategic importance of credit collection management and commercial/business awareness
  • Master the art of collecting debts through phone and the three phases of collection call
  • Successfully implement a proactive and practical credit management and debt recovery strategy to address delay/non payments
  • Better understand different methods of collection (including negotiation) on debts
  • Lay groundwork to make collection efforts produce better results
  • Comprehend the legal perspective in debt collections and maximizing debt recovery through ligation procedures
  • Write effective letters, faxes and emails that are shorter, clearer and deliver desired results
  • Make the right decisions in credit collection and increase your organization’s Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Use different debt collection techniques to different situations designed specifically for your customers

Key outline

  • Introduction to debt collection within today’s business and regulatory environment
    How to lower your risk factors?
    -This section covers having a proper credit control system, causes of delinquency in receivables, knowing your legal rights against your debtor.
  • Attributes of an effective collections staff
  • Effective collection techniques
  • Effective telephone techniques
  • Debtor profiles
  • Understanding your debtors risk and how to use it as a selling and negotiation tool
    -This section will guide the participants through on the different debtor profile types & the “tell-tale” signs as well as the kinds of delinquent debtors.
  • Delays & objections/disputes, gatekeepers
    -This section examines the difference between a delay & an objection/dispute, the different types of excuses, how to counter them & also how to get around gatekeepers.