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Instagram has continued its rise in 2020 and it can’t seem to stop! As of 2019, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users making it the third most popular social media network. Instagram is inevitable for businesses in this new era of marketing which promises to get even more digital and even more fast-paced. Businesses today have taken advantage of the benefits of Instagram and help them grow their brand.

To successfully do this, businesses must implement powerful Instagram marketing strategies to achieve a certain goal. Without these strategies, businesses will use Instagram aimlessly with insignificant returns on their social media efforts.


1. Businesses and Users’ Engagement

The most significant and certainly biggest advantage social media has over traditional media is that the platforms always allow two-way communication. Users don’t just want to see pretty pictures with no interaction or value to them. They expect to be engaged and be noticed. To achieve this, we must make use of the fact that Instagram is a perfect tool for businesses to interact with its’ customers.

Engaging with customers can increase brand loyalty hence increases returns. Some examples of the functions in Instagram are Instagram stories, comments and likes. Having stories from time to time can increase businesses’ social media presence. This means that users are highly unlikely to miss out anything that the business is offering.


2. Offer Consistent Branding

Branding is what customers think of when they see a company. It is crucial to maintain consistent branding. It ranges from products or service a business is offering to the message the business is trying to convey. To simply put this, a business can have a consistent colour scheme, overall aesthetic and not contradict the message and image of the company


3. Hashtags

Hashtags are a useful tool for Instagram. By tailoring every hashtag related to the post, businesses can attract the ideal target audience. Take time in researching relevant hashtags. The more popular the hashtags are, the more people you can reach. Additionally, businesses can create original hashtags exclusively for the business. These tips will help desired users to find businesses.


4. Consistency is Key

Regular posting will help businesses stay relevant and attain a high social media presence. In order to do this, businesses need to implement a schedule for Instagram posting. This is to keep track of the number of posts the business must follow to have a consistent posting activity. Additionally, with the schedule, businesses can better manage the plan on what content to post for a certain date. This prevents last-minute posting which results in low-quality posts.


5. Reward Your Followers

Rewards can come in many ways. It ranges from simple shout outs to monetary rewards and vouchers. A small effort such as liking a follower’s post can make all the difference. People thrive on recognition. Monetary rewards such as vouchers can be rewarded by hosting contests and giveaways. This will portray the business as an interesting and fun persona. The number of customers and followers will also increase. These efforts will show customers that the business really cares about and value their customers. This intends to drive customer loyalty and producing more returns.

Following these strategies will help you achieve successful Instagram marketing. For more tips and best practices, be sure to check out our 1-day Instagram marketing course.



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