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Your Challenges


Are tasks with tight deadline taking over every aspect of your life? It is time to take control of your work life and manage your tasks despite being in an environment with high stress. Wouldn’t you love to manage your time to achieve personal and workplace efficiency?


Whether you are a manager, heads of department, business head, working professional, consultants, coach or trainer, this workshop will be beneficial to you.

Our Solution: A Simple Five Step Process to Stress Free Living without compromising your Work Performance

Wait no further! Let Organizational Coach Mr Lim Liat share with you a test and proven step-by-step techniques for calming the body and mind in an increasingly overstimulated world:

1.Stress, Health and Workplace Productivity.

Understand the sources of your stress. Discover how your body and mind work according to the latest medical and life sciences. Know how stress causes sickness and how your thoughts affect your health using the Multi-Brain Whole-Man Model to achieve good health and productivity.

2.Achieving Work-Life Balance.

Learn from the successful entrepreneurs from work-life balance to work-life design. Discover your purpose, values and valuables of life to prioritise according to your different stages of life. Learn from Stephen Covey’s eighth habit of discovering your voice and helping others discover their own voices, as well as the Ancient Chinese Philosophies of Change, I-Ching, for achieving abundance without disasters.

3.Discovering and Developing Your Character.

Identify your personality traits based on DISC or MBTI and Natural Talents such as StrengthFinders to develop your strengths and outsource you weakness to achieve your life purpose. Know Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people and Confucious’ Great Learning to rule outwards from developing inward strengths.

4.Extending Wellness into Your Workplace.

Learn how to create great and lasting companies from the Soft Edge of Rich Karlgaard and the wisdom of Jim Collins. Know the secrets of the ‘Best Companies to Work For’. Get fully engaged staff members with Confucius’ management style. Know and match the right people for the right jobs with Wen Zi to gain effectiveness and happiness.

5.Effortless and Effective Leadership.

Learn the wisdom from Lao Zi in attaining greatness, transparent leadership, the simple steps for success to achieve self-directed and self-managed organisation of happy people. Know the winning strategic mindset of Sun Tzu’s Art of War to maximise gains at minimum risks, as well as a balanced love and discipline. It is the future of management, right now.


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“It is pretty rare to find the courses that he teaches offered elsewhere with other trainers in Singapore or even in the world. The key to maximum engagement in the class is the way you teach – being a subject expert and being open to other people’s opinions – Lim Liat is definitely both. All levels of working professionals in any industry will benefit from his courses.”

Caroline Tracy Lee, Manager for Strategic Planning and Policy, AIA


“I am not a Chinese and was thinking that I may have trouble understanding Lim Liat’s courses because his professional background and interest are towards Chinese management philosophies but this is not true. He is effectively bilingual with experience in many industries. Most courses out there are pretty general and do not apply to your work or life so you walk away retaining no new information in the long term but not courses by Lim Liat.”

Muhammad Khairul, Staff Officer for Singapore Customs


“This is the type of course that I feel does not only focus on business outcomes, but also on personal outcomes. My time was well-spent indeed. Lim Liat’s courses are suitable for everyone, and I will also ask my staff members to join me for other courses.”

Emma Wai, Senior Assistant Director for Corporate Development and Administration, Bureau Design Studio