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Your Challenges

The Employment Act is the key legislature governing employment relations in Singapore. It stipulates the basic terms and conditions of employment and the rights and obligations of employers and employees. Hence, it is vital for persons who are in positions to make decisions with respect to employees to understand the law of employment.

The Employment Act workshop is an important and updated guide on key changes that ALL HR, Practitioners, Managers and Consultants must know.

Our Solutions

Mr Khaleel Namazie , Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1994, will help you understand:

  • Introduction to employment law in Singapore
  • Rights under the employment contract and the law
  • The terms of the employment contract
  • How to effectively handle the termination of employees
  • Restrictive covenants in employment contracts
  • The enforcement of confidentiality clauses in the employment contract
  • Harassment, bullying and other misconduct
  • Retirement and retrenchment
  • Insolvency and change of control and its effect on the employment contract
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution


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“Mr Namazie is very eloquent & is able to engage the attendees well. The trainer was able to provide practical examples that will serve as a reference for me in my current job” – A*STAR / Institute of Materials Research & Engineering

“Khaleel is able to articulate complex legal jargons and translate it in a simple & concise manner during delivery!” – Procter & Gamble