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Isn’t social media such a norm now? Over 4 billion people use social media, and it has arguably never been more important than it is right now for any individuals or an organization.

Brands are always necessary and in need of some guidance, no matter which area we look at. Simple points to consider such as the trend and how-to posts. Therefore, social media marketing can be considered a helpful tool for organizations when formulating their social media strategy.

Social Media marketing covers a massive potential as it offers an opportunity for brands to shine in the market. It connects with audiences from around the globe while building a memorable brand, thus driving website traffic, and eventually increasing sales at the end. It does not take a lot of one’s time though. Imagine spending as little as 6 hours a week, just to increase your business’s recognition, traffic, and sales with little to no cost! Yes, you read it right! Surveys have shown about 90% organizations have claimed social media marketing has generated immense exposure for them, and that is only one of its many advantages. It has come to a point where if you are not implementing this cost-effective resource, you are missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity for your business.

And all of this, a simple social media marketing online course will work and learn social media marketing to boost your brand.

Still feeling sceptical on how powerful social media can be?

Here are some advantages on social media you may consider:

1. Increased Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing tools to increase your business’s visibility towards the global audiences. It greatly increases your brand recognition, in view that you will be engaging with a broad audience of consumers. Start off with a social media profile and start interacting with your audiences, have promotions and sponsors to simply “like” and “share” your page around.

Such global interaction will increase brand awareness for your business and increase your reputation as well. Just imagine, for each post you promote gets shared and introduced to a new network of individuals, which leads them to becoming potential customers for your business. With a simple word-of-mouth, more people will get to know about your business, thus widening your exposure in the market. There is no doubt that by social media marketing can and will benefit your brand on a regular basis with a wide audience from around the globe.

2. Improved Search Engine Rankings

Never think website traffic is good enough, as more effort is required to see significant success for your brand. Search engine optimization is important for achieving a higher page ranking and obtaining greater traffic to your brand. Survey has proven that more than 50% of marketers have been using social media marketing for minimally a year to see improved search engine ranking and being able to rank in the top positions in the market will restructure your traffic and continue to generate positive results for your brand.

A great leading example is Google. Everyone uses Google to get information, and they will most likely never navigate past the first page because the information they are looking for is already on the first page of results.

How do you know if you are doing it right here? Simple. Your results should be ranked towards the top of the search engine results when audiences typed a search on your brand. If your brand is not listed there, it is recommended to adjust your search engine optimization strategy to give your business the best chance of ranking better than any other brands out there through social media. Here is how you can do so: Create high quality content that incorporates your brand’s targeted keywords, such as Blogs, infographics, relevant case studies, business information, and even employee photos that will make your brand’s profile attractive and credible.

If you are unsure on how to create high quality contents for an engaging interaction with your customers, a simple social media marketing online course will help you for sure!

3. Better Customer Satisfaction

Creating a voice for your brand is as equally important to humanizing your organization. Customers will appreciate knowing that when they post comments on your pages and promotions when they receive a personalized response rather than an automated one. Reason being, they will feel appreciated to get acknowledged as it shows how attentive you are to your customers’ needs and enquiry, and trust that you will provide the best experience for them.

Never forget that every single interaction you make with an individual, is a potential customer to your brand. It does not have to be a very clear-cut interaction; it could be a question or a complaint. Nonetheless, social media allows you to address any possible situations with the use of interpersonal dialogue. Your audience will realize your devotion to your customers’ satisfaction by taking the time to compose a personal message back on to their comments, and your brand will naturally be viewed in a positive light.

4. Improved Brand Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand-in-hand together, and it is important to have regular interaction with your customers to develop a bond with them.

Here is something you should always take note; Introducing your brand and promotional campaigns are never sufficient. Customers see these platforms as a communicative channel where they can have direct conversations with your brand.

Surveys have shown that up to 65% customers are loyal to brands that directly engages them on social media. With such advanced technology and everyone being hooked on to technology, it is essential for brands to make the best use out of such technologies to directly engage with the customers, along with the implementation of social media to get the attention out of them at its peak.

You may learn more on how you can improve your brand loyalty, simply on our website.

5. Gain Marketplace Insights

This by far, is the most valuable advantages of social media.

What other better ways to know the thoughts and needs of your customers than by directly engaging with them? You can simply monitor the activity on your brand profiles, study the customers’ interests and opinions that you may not be aware of.

Social media can be a complementary additional research tool for you to gain insights that will aid you in better understanding your industry. Once you have garnered a large audience and following, you may consider additional tools to analyse the demographics of your customers. You can also segment your content syndication lists based on the topics and keywords, after identifying which type of content generates the most impressions out from the audiences. You will be able to measure the conversions based on the posts on your various social media platforms to find the perfect combination for revenue-generation.

So, what are you waiting for?

If your business does not already have the appropriate profiles on social media, perhaps you should start to create them! Include your business’ information and start posting some engaging content to garner your loyal audiences.

Learn more and gain new insights on how you can add value to your brand via social media with high quality engaging content and networking building with our social media marketing online course. This self-paced E-Learning course will allow you to learn at your pace and convenience, while still maintaining your brand!

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