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1 Day Art of Effective Event Management Workshop

Industry Secrets and Valuable Tips on How to Run a Successful Event Revealed


Successful Event Management – Just a Checklist Away?

Managing an Event management regardless of its size and scale is always filled with exciting and unpredictable moments starting from planning to post event management. With corporate image and your personal reputation  at stake, there is no room for any mistakes to be made.

Many assume that managing events are all about making checklists. But while you can have them in place, you still may not achieve the desired objectives of your events. To provide the best experiences to your audience, and have them walk away with a great impression takes skill and effort – from creating the right theme to understanding behavioural patterns and tendencies of your audience. These are factors which impacts how you will trigger their memories of your event.

Power Up Your Ability to Plan, Organise and Execute Events Professionally

Don’t miss this practical and interactive workshop to refine, update and enhance on your event management skills. This course is here to address the various issues you may face as you plan your upcoming event, and to impart to you concepts that will help to smoothen your work processes from start to finish.



Carefully constructed to maximise learning, this course will provide a systematic step by step guide to organizing successful events including

  • Identifying your event management style, and reveal your strengths
  • Help bridge skills gap which may hinder with you, becoming an effective event manager.
  • Understanding the key cornerstones to designing an event’s theme in line with corporate goals.
  • Identify and pre-empt potential danger spots and concerns before it happens
  • Designing of an event engagement blueprint for maximum event success.
  • Develop event risk management, impacts, evaluation plan


Key Outlines

This one-day workshop covers and manages the questions and answers of the fundamentals of event management.


Discovering your event management style

  • Discover your event management style, strengths and skills gap
  • How to manage our blind spots when managing and organising events
  • Challenge the current landscape of event management


Designing of a theme aligned with Organisation

  • Identifying and applying the cornerstones to designing a theme
  • How we need to align it with organisation’s message
  • Designing an event that people can remember easily


The Four Colours

  • The Four Colours of event management to look out for when managing an event
  • Using of the Four Colours to identify the blueprint ready for execution
  • How we can utilize the Four Colours as a planning and designing tool to generate our checklist


Creating Psychological Impact

  • Discover how we can increase the chance of people remembering the events we planned.
  • Identifying the possible behavioural strategies, as proven by psychologist and embedding them into our events.
  • How we can create the first effect and final impact in our events.