Sep 2019

Create Impactful Powerpoint Presentations that Captivate & WoW Your Audience

Course Information

Start Date 23 Sep 2019, Monday
End Date 24 Sep 2019, Tuesday
Time 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Venue 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
Fee $980 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of lunch, light refreshments and course material
Contact 6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training@aventisglobal.com
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Course Schedule

21 & 22 Jan 2019 (Mon & Tue) Full House

09 & 10 May 2019 (Thu & Fri) Full House

23 & 24 Sep 2019 (Mon & Tue) Seats Filling Fast


Have you ever wondered what is the best way to engage your audience during presentation? It is not just about your presentation skills that counts, your presentation slides play an important role in conveying your message. Badly designed presentation slides that are cluttered, messed up puts off audiences. Whether you are presenting new business project to your prospective customers or directors, you need to organize your presentations in a professional, aesthetical and impactful manner. Stop letting poorly designed presentation slides to discount your professionalism! Worst, it may cause you to lose your project, promotion or opportunity.

Turn Your Boring Slides into Captivating Presentation
Through our hands on and content-packed 2-days workshop, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to design impactful PowerPoint slides, empowering you to ace those important presentations and achieve the success you want.


Let Microsoft Certified Trainer help you unlock the 7 Powerful PowerPoint Design Techniques:

  1. Unravel the mind of your audience
  2. Unpack the tools of a designer with the latest templates
  3. Create unity in diversity
  4. Harness the power of animation and special effects
  5. Design clear and effective charts
  6. Develop your reservoir of resources
  7. Discover the treasure troves on the internet


Note: This course is not a PowerPoint fundamentals course. Participants are required to have working knowledge of PowerPoint. Participants are required to bring their own laptop with MS PowerPoint installed to the course.

Key Takeaways
Comprehensive and completely up to date, this 2-day masterclass will provide you with all the tips and pointers that you need to turn your Ideas into captivating Presentation Design and Delivery


By the end of the workshop you will:

  1. Gain a good understanding of how the audience perceive and digest information, and how to avoid the top annoyances that frustrate the audience.
  2. Acquire the skills and techniques used by professional graphic designers to transform mundane information into attractive and effective slides.
  3. Develop the ability to design presentations that flow smoothly from one key point to another.
  4. Learn how to apply relevant and effective animations that greatly enhance the audience’s understanding of the speaker’s presentation.
  5. Be equipped with the skills to remove noise from their charts and present the key numbers with clarity, creativity and efficiency.
  6. Create effective slides in double-quick time by building and activating a rich reservoir of resources.
  7. Tap into numerous invaluable online graphic resources to create attractive and captivating slides.
  8. Avoid the common mistakes made by presenters and acquire various stage-management techniques to overcome them.
Who will Benefit?
This workshop is highly suitable for executives and managers whom needs to Present, Pitch, Influence, Story tell, Persuade, Engage, Motivate, Lead, Inspire and Connect with their audience and clients.

  • Business development, Sales and marketing executives
  • Professional trainers, teachers, consultants and coaches
  • Managers or supervisors, HOD
  • CEO and business owners
  • Professionals from accounting, legal, compliance, IT and Support staff
“Great course. All professional presenters should attend this course. Really good value for money for all the materials covered and resources provided. Kelvin and team – excellent job.” Col. (NS) Png Bee Hin, Former Director D’Executive Services Mindef


“A technically dry subject made lively and fun! Great workshop/program. Strongly recommended for anyone who uses PowerPoint for presentation. Kelvin is wonderful! Very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Jeffrey Foo, Group HR Manager, PSA International Ltd


“This is an excellent program to improve the aesthetics and impact of my PowerPoint slides without making it look cheap or amateurish. I’m amazed at how my skills improved by almost 300%.”
– Gabriel Chan, AIA Trainer

Personal Coaching by Certified Microsoft PowerPoint Specialist: Mr Kelvin Lee
Kelvin Lee is a professional corporate trainer who specialises in equipping people with the skills to create impressive and persuasive presentations. Besides being a certified Microsoft PowerPoint specialist, Kelvin is a dynamic and eloquent presenter who walks the talk of effective communication.

For the past 12 years, thousands of business excutives have benefited from attending his presentation training, including participants from PSA, CPF Board, IBM, AIA, ICPAS, Shell Petroleum, AT&T, MINDEF, NTU, NTUC, AMEX, IE Singapore, Spring Singapore and Republic Polytechnic. He has also been invited to train senior management teams in Malaysia and Pakistan, as well as being a keynote speaker for NIE’s “e-Learning FEST” and SHRI’s HR Day. In addition to corporate training, clients such as IBM Singapore, MINDEF, PSA, NEC, DHL, Nokia Siemens and NCS have also engaged Kelvin to provide PowerPoint makeover service to enhance their corporate presentation slides. Kelvin also writes regularly and contributes articles to established online article directories such as Ezinearticles.com and Helium.com

Course Outline
Here are the topics covered in this 2-day hands-on power-packed workshop:

Unravel the mind of your audience

Before we start with any technique, you need to understand what goes on in the mind of your audience. How are your audience wired to absorb information? Are your audience more left-brained or right-brained when receiving information? What are the likes and dislikes of your audience? This segment will let you in on the inner workings of your audience’s brain, and how you can connect with your audience by engaging their minds effectively.


Unpack the tools of a designer

Let’s be honest. Most presenters are clueless about design concepts like Flow, Proximity, Contrast, Composition and Colour. Through this segment, we will turn you into an instant “designer” by equipping you with tools of the trade used by professional designers to reach out to their audience. Included in this segment is a study of 5 to 10 decks of well-designed slides, and how you can emulate the techniques used and apply them to your own slides.


Create unity in diversity

Have you ever sat through a presentation and could not make heads or tails of it? You could have suffered from a case of “data diarrhoea” or “power-poisoning”, with a hotchpotch of information dumped into the presentation slides. Here you will learn a systematic approach to creating a unified and coherent deck of slides so that your audience will be clear with the flow and framework of your presentation.


Harness the power of animation

Presenters have a love-hate relationship with animation. Some use it so aggressively that the audience will feel like they are watching a product demonstration of all the available features of the PowerPoint software. Others avoid it like the plague. The truth is, when used appropriately with taste and creativity, animation has the power to multiply the impact of your presentation. Through this segment, we’ll explore how animation is one of the key elements in making your presentation stand out from the crowd.


Design clear and effective charts

Many presenters consider charts as a necessary evil that they have to live with. That’s because most presenters fall short of bringing out the real value of these charts. They neglect to ask themselves a few important questions: Why am I presenting these charts? Which numbers are most critical to my audience? Is there a better way to present the numbers so that my audience will not be drowning in an ocean of information? The purpose of this segment is to equip you with the right techniques to cut through the numerical jungle and empower you to present quantitative values with clarity and effectiveness.


Develop your reservoir of resources

Have you ever felt frustrated by the lack of suitable graphic resources available to you when you are designing your slides? Or are you constrained by the costs of purchasing legitimate artwork that can really spice up your slides? Good news! This segment will enable you with little known yet powerful techniques used by graphic designers to create impressive graphics. You will also be guided to create your own e-resource book that you can flip through and get ideas, especially when you are hard-pressed for time.


Discover the treasure troves on the internet I

s it true that everything that you have ever needed is now available on the internet? The fact is, the experience of many presenters has been a feeling of constant frustration when they look for really useful and impressive graphics, tools and websites to design their slides. This segment will show you how you can sift through mountains of thrash on the internet and discover treasure troves of resources

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