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Mind Mapping is a very useful procedure that helps you create plans and strategies. It is a graphical way to present ideas and concepts and is used as a visual thinking tool to structure information to help analyse and create new ideas. Mind Mapping is a good alternative to taking notes and can really be useful at the beginning of a project. It can be a little difficult for people who are traditionally very logical, but it is still a helpful brainstorming tool. If you try it yourself or encourage your staff or coworkers to do so as well, you might be surprised by the difference it makes.

It is not a new concept, although in the recent years there have been several modifications to the system. People use it for a plethora of purposes because it offers a host of benefits and eases the planning process.

Mind Mapping Can Be Very Simple and Easy to Use

Mind Mapping is a simple process. It can be used by people from all age groups for various purposes. Mid-level managerial staff in large organisations are known to use Mind Maps® to plan company goals and layout methods to achieve them.

Advantages of Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a practical tool that enhances your creative thinking and enables you to become more productive and efficient. Mind mapping increases your creativity and productivity because it’s an excellent tool to allow you to generate more ideas, identify relationships among the different data and information, and effectively improve your memory and retention.

By creating mind map, it is an excellent method to help you to sort though your thoughts and ideas. It allows you to quickly generate creative and even unique ideas in less time. It gives you the freedom you need when brainstorming so that the flow of ideas is not blocked or hampered like linear thinking does.

Mind mapping is a great way for you to categorize and organize the ideas you brainstormed and identify their relationships. By using a single page or space you can already place a huge amount of information and check its connections. Making connections is easier to do because you have all the information about a topic in a single glance. It can even help you discover new relationships among seemingly unrelated ideas and information.

One useful tip for you is to make full use of colours, images and keywords in your mind map. It aids in your memory and retention. Isn’t it easier to remember information this way rather than reading long sentences? The use of colours, images, and keywords also help make learning more interesting and fun, so you become more motivated to remember important details.

Mind Mapping helps with:

  • Creativity: Mind Maps are a creative way to organize your thoughts. Images and words together are more engaging to our brains.
  • Thinking: Research suggests that our brains work by connecting one idea to the next and the next and the next, etc. Mind Mapping your thoughts will help you see the whole picture.
  • Business: Mind Maps are great for projects or even just organizing a lot of data. You can download an interesting guide for why and how to use mind mapping in business here. Moreover, CNBC has this recent article about using Mind Mapping in financial advising, and PC Magazine offers advice for using a Mind Map for project management here.
  • Teamwork: Everyone can participate in creating a Mind Map with all the ideas being jotted down and then connected.


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