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Do you enjoy working from home? Are you able to be as productive and efficient as when you are working from your company’s office? Due to Covid-19, many of us are required to work from home. While many professionals like the concept of working from home, it’s common for people to feel disconnected from their colleagues and isolated.

Here are some tips that you can follow to keep up with your productivity level!

Tip 1: Have a set schedule

When working from home, it’s easy to become very relaxed.  Without the routine and structure of waking up, getting ready and leaving for the office, many people start to do things more randomly. Some professionals might wake up later and start ignoring other aspects of their regular routine. This can lead to having a lack of focus once they start their job duties online. Maintaining a set schedule during remote work can help reinforce clear boundaries when you are on and off the clock.

Tip 2: Work in a designated area

As tempting as it may be to sit on your couch in front of the TV, multi-tasking has been proven to reduce your productivity level. Doing your work in a designated workspace improves your ability to focus and brainstorm. This also allows you to have more privacy and creates a more professional environment to work in. Many companies utilize video meeting technology to enhance communication among teams. When your co-workers can see you recording from a clean, professional looking area it subconsciously lets them know that you are still getting things done.

Tip 3: Limit distractions

Everything including the people, pets and things we love can become distractions when working from home. Most of the students in Singapore have alternate school schedule. Many parents are working from home. This means that their children might be their major distraction. Parents can plan activities for their children to do while they can focus on their work. Limiting distractions can be difficult with so many factors involved. Try implementing some boundaries around your established work area.  Can you close the door and use a do not disturb sign? Using headphones to drown out noise can also be beneficial.

Tip 4: Dress up like you are going to the office

Even if you won’t be interacting with another person all day, it’s important to dress for success. This includes showering and brushing your teeth! This will tell your brain that it’s work time, not relaxation time, and that will give you a lot more energy. Sweatpants and a T-shirt might be more comfortable, but you may also feel sluggish, sleepy, or unmotivated. It’s also a good opportunity to give a new outfit a test drive–risk free! If you have a hard time motivating yourself to get ready in the morning, try laying out your outfit the night before, or planning an outing during the day so that you must get dressed.

Tip 5: Tune in to inspiration

A great advantage of working from home is that you can’t distract your coworkers. Go ahead and play those pumped-up jams loud and proud, if that’s what gets you moving. Or try a more soothing soundtrack, with nature sounds, instrumental music, or even by leaving the windows open to let the sounds from outside come in. If you’re doing repetitive tasks, an audiobook or podcast may even be what you need to keep moving. Try a few things to find what works best for you.

Finally, we hope that everyone will stay safe and continue to practice social distancing 😊 We will get over this pandemic soon!


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