The Power of a Positive Coaching Mindset

The world reflects our view of it, and when we change the way we view & approach things, things often turn out differently. Focus on problems, and obstacles are too painful to overcome. Focus on fear, and you will be paralyzed by self-doubt. Focus on weaknesses, and you will give up the opportunity to develop your strengths. Focus on too many things at one time, and you will easily drop every ball you are juggling!

But, Focus on opportunities, and doors seem to open. The things we focus on will take us wherever we want to go. The more you focus on the positive side of life, the more you will attract these things. Focus on forgiveness and you will find the world forgiving. (Source: Inc)


How to Cultivate a Positive Coaching Mindset?

When you focus on the positive, you will attract good things. Focus on your strengths, and you will be powered to move to explore and build your gifts. Focus on learning, and stumbling blocks are converted into stepping stones. Focus on building opportunities, and things will turn out right, at the right time. (Source: Inc)

To embrace a positive coaching mindset, it’s best to focus on the best. If you choose to always think the worst, you have effectively chosen disappointment as the habit through which you view all things and people. On the other hand, when you choose to think the best, you are building the mental resilience to see the best, do your best, and set the right goals. We learn from our personal victories, not from failures. True, you might be disappointed occasionally but, most of the time, you will be programming yourself and others to achieve their best.

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What are the benefits of having a Positive Coaching Mindset?

When you change your thoughts, you change the world for those you coach. In your role as a coach, consider what you will see if you apply a positive coaching mindset:

  • People are healthy.
  • People have their individual strengths, talents and gifts.
  • People will change for the better.
  • People want to do the right thing.
  • People can rise to the occasion.
  • People have self-expectations and motivations.
  • People want to grow and succeed.

Just like you will rise to your own level of expectations, your people will rise to the level of your expectations for them. Your mindset about yourself and others is one of the very best predictors of the kind of results and relationships you will create. So, do you think you can see yourself change, improve, lead, and coach with excellence? It also aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how you can apply positive psychology coaching at work, bringing together the best of science and practice, highlighting current research, and emphasising the applicability of each element to coaching in a challenging and rapidly evolving work environment.

Aventis Learning Group is committed to helping Leaders succeed as Positive Coaches & Mentors. We are offering the following program: 2-Day Positive Psychology Coaching and Mentoring Masterclass For Managers and Leaders, conducted by award-winning organizational psychologist, Dr Christopher Fong.

Come cultivate core coaching skills so that you can reap the benefits of positive coaching in many dimensions of life, especially at the workplace and home.

This workshop is highly recommended for

  • Managers, Business leaders, Head-of-Department seeking to enhance their coaching and mentoring skills
  • Team Leaders, Supervisors and Mentors who need to be workplace coaches.
  • Human Resource Professionals working in Employee Engagement and Learning & Development.
  • Trainers, Coaches and Academics