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Positive psychology is the scientific study of psychological factors that enable individuals, organizations and communities to thrive. It explores the science behind positive emotions since they are connected with the benefits of improved health, well-being, longevity, and a greater quality of life.


The application of positive psychology practice encourages and focuses on building strengths, a growth mindset, active communication, and resilience. There is increasing worldwide interest in positive psychology and its application for enhancing well-being and peak performance in personal and professional domains.


The Workplace as a Positive Institution



Given that employees spend more than half their waking hours at work, they would want to feel positive, purposeful and engaged at their workplaces. It is thus strategic that organizations adopt positive practices that can increase their staff’s well-being at work, help them build individual strengths and resilience.


Coaching & Mentoring In Today’s Organizations


Coaching is often used as a tool for achieving goals, honing skills, increasing satisfaction, enhancing relationships, boosting creativity, improving problem-solving and attaining other highly-desired outcomes central to well-being.

Coaching, counseling, and mentoring are integral parts of today’s “learning” organizations. The ability to coach and mentor are important leadership competencies in today’s workplaces. When a manager or leader is able to coach and mentor effectively, he can engage his charges and increase their personal investment in their career development. In this sense, a good coaching technique unlocks potential and maximizes performance, resulting in a workforce that is resilient and productive.


Positive Coaching & Mentoring Based on Positive Psychology

Having tremendous potential for cultivating meaningful and fulfilling lives, positive psychology is a natural fit with coaching. With more cultures and organizations focusing on mental well-being as a motivator for success, now is an opportune time to increase our understanding and expand our application of positive psychology techniques to cultivate meaningful and rewarding relationships between the coach-leaders and their charges.


Key Ways Positive Coaching & Mentoring Can Be Implemented in Organizations

Coaches can apply positive psychology onto the techniques that they already use in their coaching relationship, to better help their charges identify areas of improvement, set goals and improve the quality of their satisfaction at work. Below are some ways in which you as a Leader-Coach may want to start using positive coaching in your professional relationship.


Create Meaning

Increasing a sense of engagement to their work is one of the most important ways to increase the employee’s career ownership, productivity and performance. Leaders can create meaning in their employee’s work routine by identifying the value in their work, and how it provides meaning in their life and contributes to the organization’s success.



When employees feel accomplished, leaders may notice an increase in productivity and job satisfaction within the employees. Leaders can build accomplishments in their employees by involving their strengths in future discussions of their work performance. With a working knowledge of their core strengths, the leader and employee can explore how to put them to the best use.


Positive Communication

This includes the positive application of appropriate feedback techniques to provide feedback on progress and performance. Focus is placed on identifying strengths and giving constructive feedback during pivotal moments like performance improvement and goal setting.

The bottom line for all leaders is, as leaders, you want your team to succeed. You have likely put in plenty of effort to find, recruit and guide the talents you are working with. Thus, it’s worth it to continue investing in them to help them achieve their maximum potential, for the sake of your target, the organization’s productivity, and also your employees’ natural desire to excel at what they do, which ultimately sets them running on the path towards success for the rest of their careers. In your capacity as a leader manager as well as a coach, coaching with positive psychology is a highly leveraged way to help you collaborate with your employees with success, up your game, and grow from strength to strength together.

To help organizations create a positive coaching culture at work, Aventis Learning Group is offering the following program: 2-Day Positive Psychology Coaching and Mentoring Masterclass For Managers and Leaders, conducted by an award-winning organizational psychologist, Dr. Christopher Fong.

In this workshop, you will learn what makes psychology-based coaching approaches uniquely effective in striving towards well-being and success. You will cultivate core coaching skills so that you can reap benefits in many dimensions of life, especially at the workplace and at home.




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