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Storytelling in the Workplace

Course Information

Start Date Anytime
End Date 1 Month Access
Mode Self-Paced E-Learning
Fee $300 (excluding GST)
Contact 6720 3333 (Ms. Felicia) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Overview

Storytelling in the Workplace is an empowering tool of choice for leaders at all levels of an organization to inform, inspire and influence their stakeholders while aligning values, goals, vision, mission and aspirations.

In this four hour course, participants will find themselves exploring new techniques to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas through stories that are relevant to the workplace.

The application of this course content will help you improve your presentations, emails communications proposals, project briefs or product kickoffs.

You will be guided through the program with resonating stories, reflection exercises and micro=activities.

Keep your pen near you as you will be scrambling to note down the many tips shared along the way that will trigger multiple “Aha” moments for you.

Course Takeaways
  • How to tailor your messages to your target audience
  • How stories help you create mental, emotion and physiological shifts
  • How stories convert your audience from a passive one to an active one
  • How stories serve as trojan horses delivering your messages to the subconscious depths of your audience minds
  • How to have the right ingredients for a good story
  • 6 keys to ensure you deliver your stories with impact
Trainer Profile

Rahul Shah is a highly sought after communications expert with 12 years of regional speaking and training experience. He is the Principal Trainer & Speaker as well as Chief Strategist at Path Layers Business Services, a communications agency helping MNCs and Civil Service Organisations communicate more effectively with their internal & external stakeholders.

He is the founder of Up Your Game Community, an Asia wide platform dedicated to providing barrier free and simplified personal development to the masses. He is also the Secretary General of International Federation of Professional Trainers (Singapore National Council) and a peer nominated and recognised Global Goodwill Ambassador.

He has attained his qualifications in Mass Communications from USA and has a Grade 8 (Gold Medal) in Public Speaking from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. He also holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment from the Workforce Development Agency (Singapore). He is a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) & Enneagram Profiling Trainer, Coach and Practitioner. He has authored / co-authored three books (EntreTalk Series, Golden Pearls of Relationships and Inspiration for Success (2018 edition).

As a highly sought after regional speaker, he has had the privilege of sharing with organisations such as Technopreneurship Association of Malaysia, Maybank Singapore, Gujarat Chambers of Commerce & Industries (India), CitiGold (Citibank Singapore), 3M and Singtel amongst others. He has been invited for his expertise to judge and coach finalists of beauty pageants, public speaking contests and entrepreneurship symposiums such as Emerging Enterprise Awards. He has also coached TEDx speakers.

He utilizes creative training techniques to make his sessions not only fun and engaging but also highly effective with high retention levels. Within the civil service sector, he has also had the privilege of sharing at the Civil Service College, Ministry of National Development (Singapore), Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Vital.Org, Singapore Police Force, the State Courts and Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Course Content

MODULE 1: Introduction to Storytelling

1.1 Why Tell Stories in the Workplace

1.2 How Storytelling is changing the way Workplaces communicate

1.3 Recap of Introduction to Storytelling


MODULE 2: Knowing The Why

2.1 Establishing Why You Want To Tell The Story

2.2 Establishing Why Your Audience Needs To Hear Your Story

2.3 Two Types Of Stories That Always Work


MODULE 3: Know Your Audience

3.1 9 Types of Audience

3.2 How to Research your Audience


MODULE 4: Why Stories Are Powerful

4.1 Stories Help You Create Mental Alignment

4.2 Stories Help You Create Emotional And Physiological Alignment

4.3 The Story Mix

4.4 The Power of Vocabulary in Stories


MODULE 5: Delivering with Impact

5.1 6 Keys to Deliver a Story with Impact