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Sales Essential: Convert 1 In 3 Prospects

Course Information

Start Date Anytime
End Date 1 Month Access
Mode Self-Paced E-Learning
Fee $300 (excluding GST)
Contact 6720 3333 (Ms Felicia) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Overview

Are you a salesperson, sales leader, entrepreneur, or small business owner who wants to increase your sales yet seem to have hit a plateau? Have you ever been in a situation where you are drawn into a price war as you were selling on price and not on value? What if you could find a proven sale system to not just hit your sales targets, but to even exceed them?

Leveraging on myriad sales tools and strategies, this advanced sales program is specially designed to equip you and/or your sales reps with the skills and know-how to reach a new level of sales artistry and mastery. Moreover, you will be learning a 3-step sales system that will empower you to increase your sales potentially by 30% or more within the next few months. As you learn to adopt creative selling and tap into the benefits of value-based selling, you shall become more capable at differentiating yourself from your competitors; learn how to build trust with your customers and deliver impactful sales presentations, ultimately creating memorable experiences and value in every interaction with your business clients and partners. 

Course Takeaways
  • Understand what value selling is and learn how to sell value instead of price
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition and stand out as the logical choice
  • Learn how to block and overcome buying objections
Master Trainer & Top Virtual Presenter in Asia: Mark Stuart

Our Trainer’s Profile: Sales & Influence Coach, Mr. Jacky Lim

Highly sought after for his transformation and dynamic programs, Jacky has worked with more than 50 organizations over the last decade and positively impacted the lives of more than 3300 salespeople, professionals, high-level executives and business owners all across the region, including countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Known for his passion to give the best and go the extra mile in coaching his clients towards success, Jacky’s personal motto is to “empower lives and to inspire breakthroughs”. Capable of training in both English and Mandarin, Jacky has developed many of the coaching frameworks he trains by himself. Jacky is also well known for his ability to simplify seemingly complex concepts into easily digestible ones for his clients to enjoy and experience real-life benefits. Jacky’s knowledge and ability to communicate with influence and inspire action have landed him clients and working opportunities with big names such as Singtel, Samsung, ING Bank, MSD, NHST Media Group, Swiss Precision Industries, Trichokare, Great Eastern Life, Housing and Development Board (HDB), Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and many more.

A worldwide-recognized NLP trainer and NLP Master Practitioner with one of the world’s largest and most prestigious NLP universities (The American Board of NLP), Jacky Lim is also the author of a bestselling book “Increase Sales with NLP- Secrets of Psychology Selling”. Over the years, Jacky Lim has also been featured three times on air with Singapore’s top radio station 93.8FM and appeared on both the Straits Times and the Sunday Times several times. Besides his professional accomplishments, Jacky Lim is also a winner of several speech competitions in the Toastmasters organization. He is also a member of one of the world’s largest service organizations Lions, actively involved in humanitarian causes.

Course Content
  • MODULE 1:
    Introduction to Modern Selling
    1.1 Sales Redefined
     Understand the expectations and challenges of a modern salesperson
    1.2 Mastering the Psychology of Selling
     Develop positive beliefs, attitudes, and mindset towards selling


  • MODULE 2:
    The Average Salesperson Communicates, The Best Salespeople Connect
    2.1. Attention Selling
     Learn how to capture your customer’s attention and differentiating yourself from the competition
    2.2. Building the Trust Factor
     Understand ways to build rapport and trust with your customers


  • MODULE 3:
    Creating Value for your Customers
    3.1. Mastering the Value Balance Machine
     Learn how to sell and deliver value to your customers in 2 different ways
    3.2. Different Strokes for Different Folks
     Understanding customer needs and buying patterns to influence decision making processes
    3.3. Understand the Customer Buying Process
     Learn how to sell strategically by studying the buying cycle


  • MODULE 4:
    Mastering The Close
    4.1. Master the Language of Selling
     Master sales linguistics to influence buying decision process
    4.2. Handling Buying Objections
     Turn objections into opportunities for sale
    4.3. Conclusion
     Summary of Learnings from the course
     Action Points moving forward