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Design Stunning Infographics using Microsoft PowerPoint

Course Information

Start Date Anytime
End Date 1 Month Access
Mode Self-Paced E-Learning
Fee $300 (excluding GST)
Contact 6720 3333 (Ms Felicia) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Overview

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visual content has a retention rate of 3 weeks on average as compared to text-heavy content.

Visuals are everything – from EDM’s to app screens, presentations, video and print advertising, the content which best catches your audience’s attention will have a higher likelihood of getting them to remember your message and achieve your targeted campaign outcomes.

There is a need to redesign and present information in a new and refreshing way! 

In this video workshop, you will learn how you can create visual-rich, text-light content which will leave a lasting impression on your target audience & achieve your desired campaign outcomes.

In this 4-Hour Self Paced E-Learning course, you will learn the skills to create and design different types visually engaging infographics for storytelling, reporting and presentations and deliver compelling messages to your target audience which will win their buy-in.

Course Takeaways
  • Better understand the different applications of infographics and how they can be used to help you engage and retain your audience’s attention.
  • Understand the 5 different types of Infographics which are commonly used today
  • Understand the common mistakes made when designing Infographics
  • Acquire a systematic framework to identify and prepare the must-haves to conceptualize infographics which effectively engage different stakeholders and target audiences.
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint to design 5 different infographics from scratch without relying on templates.
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint to design infographics in both portrait and landscape format
  • Learn how to effectively identify and apply the right layouts to guide how your audience processes and retains information within the infographics.
  • Develop the acumen to effectively identify, filter and accentuate key facts and figures to give your infographics greater impact.
  • Learn the best practices for selecting and applying graphics into your infographics to illustrate key facts, figures, and concepts in your infographics
Personal Coaching by Industry Specialist: Mr Ezekiel Ho

Highly motivated and self-directed, Ezekiel believes in taking on challenges by the horns and overcoming self-imposed limits. He is a passionate advocate of continued Education and training, and effectively engages learners of all ages using creative facilitation methods.

A creative by heart, Ezekiel possesses close to 20 years of experience with Microsoft PowerPoint. He excels in designing creative presentations which showcase the strengths, brand heritage and unique selling points of businesses and professionals, and training speakers to channel their inner showman to create impactful presentation experiences for their audiences.

As the founder of MEISTERKLASSE, Ezekiel believes in helping professionals transform how they create and conduct presentations. To achieve this, he has participated in local and international conferences, as well as conducting workshops both locally and in Myanmar.

Course Content

MODULE 1: Getting Started with Infographics Design

1.1 Tips to maximize your learning in this workshop

1.2 Introduction to Infographic Design

1.3 The 5 C’s of Infographic Design 

MODULE 2: The 5 C’s of Infographic Design

2.1 Contextualization

2.2 Composition

2.3 Consistency

2.4 Conciseness

2.5 Clarity

MODULE 3: Creating List, Comparison and Timeline Infographics

3.1 Creating List Infographics

3.2 Creating Comparison Infographics

3.3 Creating Timeline Infographics

MODULE 4: Final Preparations for your Infographics

4.1 Protecting Typefaces across PPT files

4.2 Saving your PPT in different File Formats

4.3 Preserving Image quality