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Digital Transformation 4.0

Course Information

Start Date Anytime
End Date 1 Month Access
Mode Self-Paced E-Learning
Fee $1500 (excluding GST)
Contact 6720 3333 (Ms. Felicia) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Overview
The learning objective in this module helps you to take advantage of these new opportunities by transforming your company’s Digital Transformation strategy. It will provide the knowledge and application to boost your company in executing successful Digital Transformation. It lays a strong foundation in acquiring relevant and valuable skills to become a key member of any organization’s Digital Transformation. 
Study the latest trends, Digital 4.0 Framework, and how digital technologies and business models are radically changing across industries. Debunking Digital Transformation myth and developing the capability to navigate the technologies disrupting your industry.

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Trainer Profile

         Digital Business Strategist


Dr Samuel Lee is the founder of Global Education Academy that focuses on empowering organizations across Asia to identify and acquire critical skill sets preparing them for Digital Transformation 4.0. With over 20 years of consultancy experience to date, Dr Samuel Lee has helped and consulted over 500 organizations across Asia in Digital Transformation Strategies, Digital Skills Training, Digital Transformation Blueprinting and Road map, Technology Implementation and Workplace Learning and Support. He also serves as the lead consultant for Enterprise Training and Implementation for Digital Skills Accelerator under the WSQ Digital Transformation Framework.

Course Content -

Around 515 minutes worth of Webinar Session.

Webinar Session 1 – Introduction to Digital Transformation 4.0

Webinar Session 2 – Digital Transformation Myth Hype vs Reality : Debunking myth in Digital Transformation

Webinar Session 3 – Digital Transformation Framework

Webinar Session 4 – Singapore’s Digital Transformation Roadmap