Jul 2020

Workplace Conflict Resolution: Reducing and Resolving Workplace Conflict with Ease (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date29 Jul 2020, Wednesday
End Date29 Jul 2020, Wednesday
Time09:00 am to 05:00 pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$588 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of e-materials and e-certificate
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream

Course Schedule

28 Aug 2019 (Wed) Full House

29 Jul 2020 (Wed)

11 Dec 2020 (Fri)

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Workplace Conflict – The Productivity Destroyer

With a highly diversified multi-generational workforce, workplace conflicts have increasingly become a key challenge for organizations. Workplace conflicts can destroy productivity and derail projects. It will also paralyze your group, department, or the entire organization. And once initiated, the unpleasant task of resolving conflicts falls on your shoulders.

Protect your career and workplace from the hidden costs of workplace tension and hostility

Resolving workplace conflicts requires persistence, know-how, and faith in the process itself. When handled well, conflicts can actually improve subsequent workplace relationships by removing the toxic effects of gossips and aggressive behavior in the workplace


Upon completion of the workshop, you will gain a complete guide to navigate workplace frustrations and conflicts

  • Diagnose conflict on your team and instil collaborative problem solving within the team
  • Understanding & Dealing with Workplace Bullying & Harassment
  • Skilful Attention to Rising Undercurrents  and handle the daily onslaught of frustration without losing momentum
  • Identify Workplace Conflict Predictors;  Warning Signs/Symptoms
  • Tips on how to avoid conflict and cynicism that drains energy and hurt relationships
  • Using transformational mediation to overcome the interpersonal challenges holding your team back
  • Developing a learning adaptive organization
  • Converting  adversarial behaviors to collaborative and transformational
  • Arbitration and reducing likelihood of legal entanglements
  • Effective tips on how to quickly calm agitated colleagues and customers
  • Handy Peer Coaching & Counselling Tools
Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors, business professionals, HR professionals, business owners and those seeking to acquire an effective technique into dispute management and employee motivation.


“Would recommend to my colleagues and the whole session is very engaging and provide very good insights for conflict management in psychology perspective. The course gave me better insights of the root cause of conflicts and ways we can manage them.” – Khian Ping, Executive at CDAC

“Dr Fong is very sociable and entertaining. He also let us have a better understanding of the course materials and course that require us to know and how to apply on job. It is an interesting course and related to the job.” – Kat Poon, SPF

“Training is very entertaining and knowledgeable. He uses examples that can be related to daily lives. The course is very entertaining.” – Gwendolyn, Accounts, HR & Admin Executive at PANTOS Logistics Singapore, Pte. Ltd

“Dr Fong is very engaging. He brought the topic alive and help us understand the management of conflict well. The course helps to better manage self and at work” – Ann Hee, Manager Nursing at HPB

“He is very enthusiastic and generous to share his experience and knowledge. Make the class very interesting.” – Wilson Tan, MHA

“Very interesting and enlightening!” – Ann Wee, CYS Express

“I have enjoyed myself and learned a lot from Dr Fong.”– Peh Yin Chee, Senior Consultant, HR Partners 

“I like Chris’ style of teaching. He made the whole class feel at the ease and I found everyone so relaxed, responsive and interactive. Thank you for coaching us.”  – Ms Tan, Procurement Executive, Blue Star System

Training Methodology

This 1-Day workshop focuses on the application of conflict resolution principles in your workplace. We use a hands-on learning approach by having participants work through exercises and workplace simulations

Organisational Psychologist - Dr Chris Fong

Prolific Leader; Psychologist; Award Winning Orchestra Conductor

Dr Christopher Fong is a prolific leader. Previously an international multi award winning orchestra conductor before embarking on a second career in psychological studies. As a Leadership Consultant, Christopher brings leadership from the concert hall to the boardroom with an impressive and successful track record of personal and professional achievements. Chris has an extensive speaking career, travelling the world lecturing to organizations on organisational change and development.

He has a strong passion to grow and work with young, dynamic and entrepreneurial leaders from SMEs to large MNCs. A strong advocate of work life integration, he continues to pursue his passion by accepting international and local invitations to conduct symphony orchestras and conduct leadership programs with them.

Approach and Style: A gifted and popular trainer, Christopher is known to his audience as a radical, philosophical speaker. Taking a flexible approach Christopher’s sensitivity and comfortable personality helps him adapts his style to difference audience needs. His soon to be published books “FACTs of LIFE” and “F.A.S.T. FORWARD” will provide a clear and systematic perspective to problem solution and epitomizes his philosophy of choosing to live life to its fullest