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Mar 2018


Course Information

Start Date 22 Mar 2018, Thursday
End Date 23 Mar 2018, Friday
Time 09:00 am
Venue 100 Orchard Road, Hotel Concorde
Fee $980 Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch
Contact 6822 8596
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Victimology is the study of the victims of bully, harassment, crime and the psychological effects of their experience.


Drawing from the most up-to-date research and practical case studies, this workshop aims to provide you with an overview of the field of Victimology. Updated with the latest trends, it reflects the field’s growing focus on the entire victim-offender relationship, while taking a global perspective on the study of victimology.

Over the course of this workshop, we will be analyzing the magnitude of the victim’s problems. We will be looking at how to explain the causes of victimization. Finally, we will learn how to develop a system of measures to reduce victimization and its effects.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need for victimology both theoretically and practically
  • Know why victims and perpetrators are often interchangeable
  • Understand the extent of workplace and school violence
  • Know the reasons behind and the extent of human trafficking and its devastating effects on the victims
  • Be able to articulate the risk factors for child molestation
  • Know the facts about domestic violence and the primary risk factors
  • Know what the criminal justice system is doing (or not doing) for crime victims
Who Should Attend?

Managers and Executives working in Social Services and VWOs, Security Officers, Para Counsellors, concerned parents and individuals who would like to have a better understanding of Victimology and how to help to reduce its effects.

Senior Police Officer (Retired): Mr Patrick Tan (Master of Science (MSc) in Criminal Justice Administration, USA.)

Patrick Tan is a retired Senior Police Officer with extensive experience in Routine and Crime investigations. As part of his deployment, he became a Court Prosecutor. In this role, he was involved with many cases involving both criminals and victims. He was given the honour to be the Senior Officer (escorting) the former Minister Mentor (Late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew) and other visiting VVIPs. The most exciting and dangerous appointment he held was as the Officer-in-charge of the “Secret Societies Section”.

When he left active Service, he became a corporate security and fire safety manager in hospitality, retail, high-rise buidlings, shopping complexes and medical centres.

Patrick Tan is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and a Certified Professional Trainer. He has WSQ-ACTA Full Certification and he also has the PSB-People Developer.

Currently he is an Adjunct Lecturer in Criminology and an Adjunct Trainer in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Patrick Tan has a Master of Science (MSc) in Criminal Justice Administration, USA.


Day 1:

  • Understanding what is Victimization.
  • Who is the Victim
  • Consequences of Victimization
  • Types of Victimization
  • What is Sexual Exploitation
  • What is Stalking
  • Dating/Relationship/Domestic Violence
  • How Offender is a Victim or Victim an Offender
  • Impact of Criminal Justice
  • Reaction or Overreaction
  • Cycle of Violence

Day 2:

  • Effects of Crime and its Impact
  • Common Reactions to Victimization
  • Common Reactions After Victimization
  • Why Victims Stay
  • Assess Your Relationship
  • Signs that Relationships May Be Abusive
  • Cyberbullying
  • Human Trafficking
  • Sexual Assault of Children
  • Domestic Violence Victimization
  • Victim-Offender Reconciliation Programs (VORPs)
  • Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights