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Oct 2019

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Intellectual Property & Intangible Asset for Your Organisation

Course Information

Start Date14 Oct 2019, Monday
End Date15 Oct 2019, Tuesday
Time09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore
Fee$1200 nett (Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) chyefen@asm.edu.sg
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14 & 15 Oct 2019 (Mon & Tue) NEW

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Your IP is possibly Your Most Valuable Asset. IP protects your business ideas, content and innovation against competition. Like any other resource, your IP assets must be carefully managed in a strategic and forward looking way to yield new areas of business and profit. IP Management is also the process of attaching a dollar amount to intangible assets be it for licensing, mergers and acquisitions, loan collateral, or investment purpose. You can essentially use IP as a vehicle to improve your market position, get financing, monetise and take your technology and brands to the world. See how Singapore businesses transformed themselves through IP Management and benefited from Singapore’s IP Financing scheme. The course methodology is a combination of lecture and class discussion, with active participation from all attendees strongly encouraged. Participants are also encouraged to clear all the existing doubts about the intellectual property with the trainer.

IP and Trademark Filings have DOUBLED from 24,383 in 2007 to 50,035 in 2017 (IPOS)
Many organizations realized the importance and growing demand for trademark protection has been growing widely to all organisation in Singapore. This is because brands and the trademarks that are embedded in them are a major contributor to the value of a company’s total intangible asset. Protect and take good care of your assets for an increase in your revenue!
Intellectual Property: Unlocking the Value of this New Asset
It is, therefore, critical for us to understand how we can protect our rights and how to utilise the same in a manner that would bring the organisation maximum advantage. Through Effective IP Management, you can now learn how to identify, protect, exploit and enforce your IP resources to optimize the value of your business.
2 Day Hands On Workshop on How to Identify and Protect Your Organisation Most Valuable Asset Against Infringement
The objective of this 2-day course is to provide a basic understanding of the principles of intellectual property law and how to make use of the same in the most favourable way to the organisation and how to defend against infringement. There will be discussion of licensing, assignment and remedies. All concepts will be explained with the use of practical examples and case studies for a better understanding to all the participants.
Gain Practical Tools and Expert Clarification for the Valuation of IP and Intangible Asset
Understanding the 3 Golden Rules of IP Protection: Be Aware, Be Prepared and Be Proactive

  1. You must be aware of the need for proper protection of their brands as well as the implications of not registering their trademark.
  2. You must be prepared, including setting aside time, money and other resources, to properly defend a brand if it is infringed, to monitor online market for usage, and to enforce IP rights when they are violated.
  3. You must be positive about the value of their brand. It is not the legal department alone. If it is done well, brands can generate revenue!
Who Should Attend?
This course aims to arm you with the invaluable know-how and practical skills to be an IP-trained professional.

It is highly suitable for managers, senior executive, founders, CEOs, Business Development specialist, Portfolio managers, Compliance and Legal Assistance seeking to learn more about how they can identify and protect their IP

This course is designed for non-lawyers, rather it Is suitable to anyone including academics, consultants, trainers seeking to gain an advanced understanding of IP and Intellectual Property Law in Singapore and across the world.

Intellectual Property (IP) Strategist: Mr Mirza Khaleel Namazie (Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore)
Khaleel was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1994. He is also a member of the Law Society of England & Wales. He read for a Bachelor’s Degree in Law at the National University of Singapore and for a Master’s Degree in Computer and Communications Law at Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London, the component subjects which were Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Telecommunications Law, Electronic Banking Law and Internet Law.

Apart from his experience in advising local and international clients in private practice on a variety of commercial, corporate and litigation matters, Khaleel worked in the Asia Pacific Legal Department of Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd as a Commercial Contracts Manager with special responsibility for the Asia Emerging Countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam and with Singapore Telecommunications Limited as Senior Legal Counsel as part of the SingTel Global Offices team. During that time, he was also responsible for negotiating the legal aspects of a number of high value telecommunications and IT agreements with a significant number of Fortune 500 companies.