Dec 2020

Data Visualisation Using Tableau For Beginners (Live Stream)

Course Information

Start Date17 Dec 2020, Thursday
End Date17 Dec 2020, Thursday
Time9.30am to 4.30pm
VenueOnline via Zoom
Fee$680 (excluding GST)
ContactRoshini | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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In this data age, the ability to extract value from data is highly sought after by both individuals and organisations. And it takes hard technical skills to manage the large datasets and extract insights from the data, but it comes to nought unless the insights can be clearly and quickly communicated to the intended audience.

Tableau is the fastest-growing data visualisation tool used in the Business Intelligence industry today. It’s a visual analytics platform transforming the way businesses use data to solve problems. It helps in simplifying raw data into the very easily understandable format and the great thing about Tableau is that it doesn’t require any technical or programming skills to operate which is why it’s perfect for beginners.

This workshop aims to provide a broad but practical overview of the entire analytics value chain; with a focus on using data visualisation to convey intended messages from the data to an audience. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of visualisation and get their hands “dirty” building different visualisations using Tableau (cited in Gartner’s magic quadrant as one of the top platforms for business intelligence in 2019). This is targeted at professionals and managers in non-analyst roles but may be required to work with or make sense of data and presenting data in their work.

Course Highlights
  • Appreciate the impact that data visualisation has on the realisation of value in analytics, particularly in today’s data-driven world
  • Understand the key principles and elements of building an impactful data visual
  • Understand the basics of Tableau and how to navigate it
  • Gain practical experience in creating key features of Tableau functionality such as charts, maps, animation, etc.
  • Develop an interactive dashboard on Tableau and learn to gain insights from it
Target Audience

This workshop is designed for professionals and staff at all levels who want to learn to make a bigger impact with their analysis. The course is suitable for participants across all industries and job functions. Participants are required to have basic MS Excel skills and some prior knowledge of data analytics would be helpful.


Participants are required to bring their laptops with Tableau (Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public) preinstalled. For Tableau public users, you will also need to create an account on Tableau Public to save your documents into.

Course Outline
  • Data Analytics: An Overview
    • What is Analytics?
    • Data Analytics Value Chain
    • 6-Steps Framework
  • Data Visualisation in Action
    • A Famous Visualisation History
  • Selecting the Right Chart
    • What are the steps to build a good chart?
  • Introduction to Tableau
    • Preparing and Loading Data
    • Relationship vs Joining Tables
    • Interacting with Data
  • Tableau Charts
    • A step-by-step approach to building charts, histograms, tree maps, time lines, maps and animation
    • Hands-on exercises on Tableau
  • Self Service Analytics using Dashboards
    • Designing Dashboard Fundamentals
    • Class Exercise: Building interactive dashboards on Tableau
    • Class Exercise: Gaining Insights from the dashboard
    • Learning from Tableau Public
Data Expert: Joanna Tan

A seasoned leader in Human Resource Business Partnering with more than 25 years of diverse industry, Joanna has experience with reputable multinational and local corporations such as Sage Software, Hasbro, Apple, IBM, Rockwell Automation and Wing Tai Holdings. She has proven success in managing and rolling out major organization change initiatives involving various key stakeholders especially with the sales and marketing teams in driving revenue and margin optimization using business metrics and intelligence.

Joanna currently consults and leads engagements to help FYT clients build HR analytics capabilities across many sectors and regions, including technology, government, pharmaceutical, sales & finance across the Asia Pacific Region. She also has a strong background in talent management and development, organization design, change management as well as employee engagement. Joanna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with National University of Singapore and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with Singapore Institute of Management. In addition, she is accredited in Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA v5).

Data Expert: Michael Lee

Michael Lee is an associate of FYT Consulting Pte Ltd. An IT professional by training with more than 25 years of consulting & practical experience across many functions (sales, client management, business operations & customer service) throughout various roles (Vendor, Systems Integrator, Distributor and Enduser) in both the public & private sector.

Prior to joining FYT Consulting, Michael has done consultancy and process re-engineering for several SMEs. He has also conducted numerous training sessions on Virtual Teaming for international banks and corporations. In addition, he has made many speaking engagements in Customer & Partner events, as well as in major international Sales Conferences.

Michael has managed the Asia Pacific Sales Operations for Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems. His portfolio included the day-to-day operations within the Asia Pacific. He was also running the China sales for almost a year. Prior to that, Michael led the Asia Pacific Sales Operations for Cisco System and the Business Operations for Customer Service in Asia Pacific & Japan in Cisco. In addition, he headed a global Metrics & Business Intelligence team comprising members from the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Before joining Cisco, Michael worked for Peoplesoft, AT&T GIS, SAP and National Computer Systems (SCO). Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Mathematics as well as an MBA from the National University of Singapore