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Oct 2020

High Impact Speed Reading & Dynamic Learning (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date20 Oct 2020, Tuesday
End Date20 Oct 2020, Tuesday
Time09:30 am to 04:30 pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$588 (Excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream


Have you been overwhelmed with too much to read in the office?  Do you find yourself struggling to manage new information and knowledge productively? How can you maximize your reading speed to get more information in less time? In this workshop you will learn on how you can do just that!

Read Faster, Memorize Better and Think Clearer

There are many inherent benefits in developing your latent skill of speed reading.  If you can train yourself to read four times more than your normal reading speed, this means that a business report that takes you one hour to read with normal reading speed can be read in fifteen minutes. This leaves you forty-five minutes to engage in other more constructive activities resulting in you being more productive at work. The positive side effect of becoming a speed reader is that you will enhance your thinking skills and become better with managing excessive information.

Develop your muscle memory to read faster and comprehend better to achieve greater productivity and probability in your work. Speed reading is a learnable skill. With the right methodology and practice you can improve your reading speed by almost four times with better concentration and comprehension. The world is changing so rapidly that if you are not quick enough to learn, unlearn and relearn at the blink of an eye you will be redundant and a derelict. Whether you want to be a better leader or a more resourceful employee, you need to train yourself on how to get to the key information that you require fast and have the ability to synergize and synthesize them productively.


This workshop is designed to be interactive, fun and lively. Different techniques of speed reading from basic to advanced will be used. Participants will be constantly challenged to incorporate speed reading tools to boost their reading speeds and increase comprehension levels.

Key Takeaways

By the end of this 1 day high impact workshop you will be able to:

  • Discover strategies for reading different types of business materials
  • Break free of the self-imposed shackles that hinder efficient reading
  • Identify your thinking style and how it affects your reading
  • Manage overwhelming information with advanced reading drills
  • Extract actionable points from business correspondences with different note-taking systems
  • Learn how to concentrate better using the different brain wave phrases
  • Use the Chaining Technique to recall information you read effectively

“Sandra Daniel presented the workshop material in a concrete, clear and fun manner. She has excellent presentation skills and great retention techniques. Her workshop is filled with ideas I can use at work”

Carolyn Lim, DBS Bank

“Sandra provided a very personal and inviting personality which enticed the participants to openly speak-up and engage in the whole aspect of the workshop. Highly recommended”

James Morgan, Hilton Hotel

“Approachable with friendly smile always throughout the day. The course taught me to remembering things thru story telling techniques and etc.”

Ivin Aw, Senior Regulatory Inspector at HSA

“Sandra is very experienced and exposed us to lots of tools. I will definitely recommend the course to my colleagues”

Shahrir Idham, Airport Emergency Officer at Changi Airport (S) Pte Ltd

“Sandra was concise and able to explain difficult concepts in layman terms for the whole class understanding. A good course to help with speed reading”

Nurul Husna, Associate Librarian at National Library Board

Let Industry Expert, Ms Sandra Daniel, help You this Essential Corporate Survival Skills.

Sandra Daniel holds a Master in Science (Training and Development) from University of Leicester (United Kingdom).  She has been an adjunct tertiary lecturer and regional trainer since 2001. She is a specialist in areas of communication and speed reading.

As a trainer, Sandra has been designing, developing and delivering customized programs to various statutory boards, government-based organizations and private business enterprises.  Some of organizations that have engaged her services are the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prisons, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore General Hospital, Housing & Development Board, Land Transport Authority and Central Provident Funds Board.

To date, Sandra authored and co-authored several books namely, How to Think Critically with Sun Tzu Art of War Stratagems, Impactful Academic Writing, Extremely Busy People’s Guide to Read Faster and Memorize Better and Think Clearer.