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Jun 2017

The Singapore Volunteer Management Handbook 2017

Course Information

Start Date2 Jun 2017, Friday
End Date2 Jun 2017, Friday
Time09:00 am
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel level 3 Singapore 238840
FeeS$400 | S$240 After PIC Grant of 40% Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch with vegetarian / halal options
Contact6822 8597
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Effective Tips on How to Talk to Demanding Bosses, Tough Customers, and Uncooperative Colleagues Without Losing Your Cool

We are all busy with our own lives. How much of what we are doing will help the needy and makes a difference to society? Volunteering is voluntary and comes from the heart. Volunteers give their time willingly for a cause, not for the applause. The meaningful activities allow them to instill a real sense of personal satisfaction. Volunteering also provides invaluable experience where benefits are far-reaching.

Managing volunteers is far from easy as volunteers can range from students to retirees where there is a wide range of strategic and operational responsibilities. Volunteers need to be trained, duties need to be delegated, fundraising opportunities need to be identified, the list goes on. Especially for smaller non-profit organizations (NPOs), volunteers play a big role. It is basic human nature to be appreciated and recognized where volunteer appreciation should be an ongoing process.

Volunteerism in Singapore almost doubles from 2014 to 2016: Survey (ChannelNewsAsia 15th March 2017).

What does this mean?  As more young people are volunteering these days, NPOs should connect with volunteers online by emailing or using social media to reach them. It is crucial not only to keep communication lines open but also keeping morale high. Support for volunteers must come from the top down and bottom up to maximize full potential!

Successful results could only be achieved when NPOs are able to manage volunteer resources for the greatest possible impact. Although volunteers may do specific roles for limited periods, it is important to provide feedback. Key performance indicators (KPIs) could objectively measure how well the NPO is doing or whether it is lacking.

An Effective Volunteer Management: Be Yourself & Do your Best!

Designed to help nonprofit organizations survive and thrive in challenging economic situation, this 1 Day Volunteer Management Workshop is an indispensable guide to help NGOs and Societies adopted a structure and effective system to manage and motivate their volunteers.

Drawing from over 20 years of volunteering experience and expertise of recognized authorities on nonprofit organizations, let life skills coach Ms Arakah guide you need through a step by step process in establishing and maintaining an active and effective volunteer management programme.

Key Takeaways from a Leading Expert : Ms Arakah

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • Recruiting volunteers: Interviewing, screening, and selecting
  • Assessing volunteers: Training and development needs
  • Roles of volunteers: Identifying interests, meeting needs & filling gaps
  • Staff leadership: Ongoing support, supervision & retaining volunteers
  • Walking the talk of ethics: Setting a good example
  • Using technology to your advantage: Emailing, social media & volunteer management tools
  • Volunteer policies: Providing defense, protection & indemnity
  • Valuing volunteers: Consistent appreciation & recognition
  • Measuring Outcomes and Evaluation: KPIs, fundraising standards & targets
  • Maintaining standards: Is disciplinary action necessary (suspension of duties / termination of position)?
Who Must Attend?
  • Professionals who direct volunteer involvement as a full-time job
  • Administrators of volunteer programs &/or resources
  • Volunteers helping in religious groups and setting
  • Existing or budding volunteers who aspire to lead a team of fellow volunteers
  • Executives, managers & directors of NPOs, NGOs or charity organizations
  • Counsellors & social workers who are managing volunteers
  • Team leaders who wish to learn more about the art of effective volunteer management
Motivational Speaker. Leadership Trainer. Life Skills Coach. Personal Development Instructor. 20-year milestone as a Volunteer: Ms Arakah

At the young age of 13 years old, Arakah began volunteering with homes & non-profit organizations, reaching out to children, youth, the elderly and individuals with special needs. In 2004, she founded her own Volunteer Club – Keep Hope Alive – which was featured in a weekly local newspaper and a documentary on channel U. Arakah is also trained in Sign Language, and could communicate with the deaf.

Arakah has trained thousands of students from over 50 schools & organizations in Singapore, China, Myanmar, Australia and more to come. Her passion for dance and drama leads her to become a volunteer for Interactive Story Telling at the national library, educating and inspiring the young to be more confident in expressing themselves. She has personally conducted Life Skills training for her young volunteers and equipped them with skills & knowledge before they reach out to the less fortunate.  In 2009, she led and facilitated the Overseas Community Services learning projects.

Arakah has delivered with clarity and confidence. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life is exceptional. She loves and respects individuals for who they are. With 12 years of coaching, training and directing experience, she is adept at delivery and presentation. Recognizing the innate potential in each individual, she seeks to bring out the best in people, inspiring them to soar beyond perceived limitations.


“…The workshop has helped me figure out the values that are important to me and will help me in making decisions for myself. I am now clearer and more confident in knowing how I can be a better volunteer… Arakah was also a very dedicated trainer and her classes were well executed” Kulapattra Tay, Supply Chain Planner

“…Definitely the first workshop which got me deeply connected to myself & knowing myself better. Understanding what my strengths are and how I can reach out to help others with what I’m good at! Thank you Arakah for providing the platform for us to explore & express our strengths and potentials.” Aranda, Language Teacher

Arakah never fails to demonstrate leadership and creativity in facilitating her workshop! She helps me realise how our mind and conditioning really restrict us in our daily lives and the decision (and actions) we take. Arakah… is also very encouraging and authentic.”Lim Seow Yuin, Freelancer