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Dec 2017

A Sassy Approach to Communication: Style & Confidence for Women

Course Information

Start Date 22 Dec 2017, Friday
End Date 22 Dec 2017, Friday
Time 09:00 am
Venue Concorde Hotel level 4 Orchard Rd Singapore 233840
Fee S$500 Inclusive of light tea break refreshments and buffet lunch with vegetarian / halal options
Contact 6720 3333
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Why do some women often make heads turn? Where does the aura of confidence come from? Confidence comes from within where your personal style can create huge shifts in how you feel about yourself. It reflects who you are and how you come across to the world! The right style brings out the best in every woman, at every age, in every situation and boosts self-confidence. Your body language is part of your personal style but it is difficult to examine it constantly. While we can hardly change our environment, we can focus on our inner thoughts, which impacts on our behaviors. How we carry ourselves through body language can determine how people perceive us! On that day of your job interview or an important meeting or a date with the man whom you wish to marry, this impression is critically important, don’t you think?? Whatever we attempt to conceal within, others feel it and intuitively know it from our actions and attitudes. In other words, our mind and body are inevitably connected. Hence, the power of body language! Through it, even the most self-conscious and reserved woman can communicate her deepest desires. Many women like to experiment with style, but if you are uncertain about an outfit before you leave the house, odds are you won’t feel 100% confident once you’re in public. How we present ourselves to the world is absolutely linked to how confident we feel. Watch what you say to yourself on the inside! Women are often their own worst enemies, repeatedly telling themselves that they have dressed inappropriately, or that they look fat or ugly. Often, such thoughts are neither fair nor accurate! During these moments, switch your focus immediately to one thing you like about yourself. Style is all about self-expression, illuminating your personality through clothing, creativity and imagination. Wear something that makes you feel a million dollars and forget those parts of yourself that only you would ever notice as flaws. Whatever your personal style is, don’t forget to hold your head high and be happy in your own skin

Key Takeaways

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • Power of non-verbal communication & body language
  • Confidence dressing: How you dress can affect your psyche & performance
  • The links between personal style & self-confidence
  • Using style to boost confidence: Choose clothing that suits your body shape
  • Body-and-mind connection: Its significance to projecting confidence
  • Importance of positivity: Impact on attitude & self-esteem
  • Self-reflection: Examine inner thoughts & challenge any unfair self-criticisms
  • Speaking with greater personal confidence (stance, sound, smile, silence, sight)
  • Radiating with charisma (poise, posture, presence + smile, social contact)
  • Mastery of projecting femininity to the world
  • Daily practices of self-affirmation
Who Should Attend?
  • All women regardless of age, occupation (student / working adult / retiree) & marital status (single/ divorced / married) who wish to exude more charisma, femininity & self-confidence using style, communication & body language.
Trainer Profile

Stage Performer & Director. Motivational Speaker. Life Skills Trainer. Personal Development Instructor: Miss Arakah

An outstanding Coach,  Arakah delivers with clarity and confidence. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life is exceptional. With 12 years of coaching, training and directing experience, she has become adept at delivery and presentation. Recognizing the innate potential everyone possesses, she always seeks to bring out the best in people, inspiring them to soar beyond their perceived limitations.
Arakah has taught and trained thousands of students from over 50 schools & organizations in Singapore, China, Myanmar and Australia. With more than 10 years of  Dance & Drama training and performing experience, Arakah has groomed herself into a Leader of Creative Expression and a Master of Body Language. She coaches her participants how to tap into their body intelligence, develop confidence within & use their expression skills to project self-confidence outwardly to the world.

During her teenage years, Arakah struggled with low self-esteem & inferiority. With perseverance, her fear & self-imposed limitations were transformed into self-empowerment. She now radiates confidence.  For the past few years, she has been coaching women in life skills & self-empowerment workshops. Arakah recently conducted the “Style and Confidence” workshop for young female students at SOTA. It is a 3-day program especially designed by her to guide these ladies to identify their own individual style and radiate it when interviewing or socializing. She has also conducted a grooming workshop for ‘The Etiquette School (S)’ focusing on style & etiquette. Furthermore, she has conducted workshops on “Create an winning impression”.


“Arakah has a sunny predisposition radiating smiles & friendliness to many whom she has met. She speaks with clarity, confidence & is always encouraging students never to give up in the pursuit of hopes & dreams. Be inspired by her energy & enthusiasm!” SL, former student

Arakah never fails to demonstrate leadership and creativity in facilitating her workshop! She helps me realise how our mind and conditioning really restrict us in our daily lives and the decision (and actions) we take… very encouraging and authentic.”Lim Seow Yuin, Freelancer