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Nov 2020

Riding the Wave of Change: Turning Crisis into Opportunities in Our Post Pandemic World (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date 5 Nov 2020, Thursday
End Date 5 Nov 2020, Thursday
Time 9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue Online LIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee $600 (Before GST) Inclusive of e-certificate and e-materials
Contact 6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream


Strategies to Cope and Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

Finding Purpose, Potential and Perspective

We are living in unprecedented times. There are significant uncertainty surrounds what the “new normal” could look like beyond the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives – our lifestyles, our livelihoods, even threaten our existence and survival.  Never have we been subjected to the feelings of adverse fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.  The world we knew so well, has been drastically changed by the outbreak of Covid-19. In just a few months COVID-19 has changed how and where we work, forcing different and flexible ways of working. As we start to settle into a new normal, we look at the short and long-term trends and developments.

Are You Ready to Ride the Waves of Change?

The biggest challenge organizations will likely face in recovery is the tension between getting back to work and rethinking work as they embrace a new reality. How leaders and organizations handle the recovery may define their careers and organizations.

The good news is our human brain is dynamic and built to withstand extreme conditions. We can manage the phases of change if we understand how to engage practical strategies to regulate our body and mind. By applying scenario thinking, you can better anticipate and adapt to dramatic changes, increase agility and resilience, and turn uncertainty into advantage.

Key Takeaways

Conducted by Transformational Coach and Master Trainer, Mr Eric Cheong, accredited by the late Prof Tony Buzan, Eric will help you change your thinking and enhance your ability to transform yourself in the post-pandemic world. Help yourself to discover the potential change in you!

  1. Develop an awareness of your surroundings, determine the cause and ’embrace’ the consequences.
  2. Be the Best of You. How to build Your Resilience in the Face of a Crisis
  3. Fit To Lead – Rethink and Reboot with Fresh Perspective & Drive
  4. Understand how your brain works, both in normal and uncomfortable conditions.
  5. Learn to manage personal change using Mind Maps to chart your new vision.
  6. Adopt a PEARL mindset to navigate your personal life goals.
  7. Learn simple exercises to practise mindfulness on a daily basis.
Course Outlines

The New Wave of Change

  • Surviving the Pandemic
  • Impacts of the VUCA World and Industry 4.0
  • Embracing the Transformations of Change

Change begins IN You

  • External versus Internal Rate of Change
  • Discover your Brain response
  • Reframe Your Mind

Change Your Mind, Change Your Future

  • Power of Growth Mindset
  • What is Your Change Thinking Quotient?
  • Self Navigation – Know Your PPV (Purpose and Personal Values)
  • Self Perception – Adjust Your World Lens

Personal Change Transformation

  • A.T. for Change (Habits, Attitude and Tools)
  • Adopting the PEARL Mindset
  • Get Creative for the Ride! 
  • Navigate Your New Future

Nurture Your PEARL

  • Zoom in Your Purpose, Passion and Prospection
  • Have Experience, Excuse or Expertise?
  • Mind Your Attitude
  • Build Resilience over Perseverance
  • Litheness Learning to remove Biasness

Practical Strategies to a post-pandemic world

  • Managing Stress Personally
  • Mindful Living and Working
  • Decluttering Your Personal and Work Spaces
  • Healthy Body Healthy Mind
Who Should Attend
  • Professionals, senior executives, business leaders and anyone facing professional or personal challenges
  • Business Leaders, Directors, Senior Managers, Coach and Consultants
  • High potentials executives and future leaders
Workshop Methodology
  • Polling questions via Zoom, Kahoot
  • Inputs through chat messenger
  • Case studies and video review
  • Group discussions and activities via Zoom Breakout Room
  • Personal exercises and reflection
Raving Testimonials

Having a performance edge is an essential ingredient to success in business and personal life. Everyone can excel by better understanding what makes us all ‘tick’, and will lift your performance in all aspects of your life. Grant Sexton – Managing Director Leadership Management Australia (LMA)

Having had the privilege of seeing facilitators with everyone from small groups of senior managers to international audiences of thousands, I know the positive effect this information has. It demystifies the complexity of human behaviour and makes having harmonious, productive relationships a breeze. Leanne Christie CEO, Ovations International

Our Trainer’s Profile

Eric Cheong, Master Trainer, ThinkBuzan UK

Eric Cheong is an accredited Master Trainer with ThinkBuzan Ltd in UK, certified in Tony Buzan’s techniques in Mind Mapping®, Memory, Speed Reading, Creative Thinking and the iMindMap software. He was first accredited as a Buzan Licensed Instructor in 2006.  Eric is licensed to conduct Jay Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing® and Click! Colours® Personality Profiling programmes.   Over the years, Eric has trained more than 10,000 executives, teachers and students across Asia.  Some of his major clients include Oracle, Intel, Motorola, HSBC, ARUP, HK Securities, HK Exchange & Clearing Limited, Tuv Sud, Hewlett Packard, Singapore Airlines Ltd, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Ltd and Singapore Power Ltd.  He has also trained Singapore government agencies such as Ministry of Education, National Heritage Board, Housing Development Board, Health Promotion Board, Supreme Court, Health Sciences Authority and Defence Science Organisation. 

Professional Qualifications/ Achievements

  • WDA Certified Trainer, Curriculum Developer and Assessor
  • Certified ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (Master Trainer)
  • Accredited Click Colours Trainer (Master Trainer)
  • Certified Identi3 Profiling Coach
  • Certified Advanced Instructor (for Memory and Speed Reading)
  • Certified Buzan Licensed Instructor, iMindMap Master Instructor
  • Certified Guerrilla Marketing Instructor