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May 2021

Professional Certification in Counter Terrorism & Current Threats (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date29 May 2021, Saturday
End Date30 May 2021, Sunday
Time09:00 am - 05:00 pm
VenueLIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$750 (exclusive of GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream

Course Schedule

4 & 5 Apr 2020 Confirmed 

7 & 8 Nov 2020 Confirmed

29 & 30 May 2021 Confirmed

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Today there are many terrorist organizations which operate on an international level and can be distinguished by their opinions, motives, and geographical locations. Current threats and recent terrorist attacks by means of explosive devices will also be highlighted in the unit e.g. USA-WTC 9/11, Bali Bombing & Mumbai Terrorist Attacks. This programme will also explore the evolution of national security and counter terrorism and evaluates approaches to formulating effective counter terrorist strategies. The programme includes operational case studies to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of counter terrorism methodologies.

Key Takeaways

Learning from past terror attacks and from the experience of different countries focusing on the short-comings and the strengths demonstrated in dealing with the exigencies, is the key to any counter-terrorism training. This course is filled with field-tested methodologies and tactical directions designed to provide you with practical takeaways to enhance your professional development

  • Think like a Terrorist – Understand the origin, growth, their mindsets and changing nature of terrorism
  • Identify and distinguish between different types of terrorism according to the ideology of the terrorists and the various symptoms of terrorism and red flags
  • Discover the different types of terrorism and latest techniques, checklists and counter-measures
  • Security measures adopted by various nations in countering terrorism
  • Case Studies and historical examples of counter terrorism activities

Developed an understanding of the contemporary issues and challenges in the areas of protecting, counter terrorism and security management.

Who Must Attend?

The delivery is intensive, interactive and work-oriented, employing a variety of industry methodologies and including presentations and case studies as well as group discussions.

  • Government institutions who are policy makers;
  • Police, Military, Customs and Immigration industries;
  • Emergency Services and Public Transport industries;
  • Airport and Airline Security;
  • Coastguards, Maritime and Shipping;
  • Private Security Companies and Contingency Planners;
  • Hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, transportation systems, etc who are security officers;

Both in State and private sectors seeking the expertise to understand and confront the rapidly evolving milieu of global terror networks.


“I have been very impressed with this course as there was a totally professional approach to class engagement and he very quickly identified our needs, offering a 1st class training course. There was excellent communication from him that gave us confidence in our work every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”– Khalil Hamid, Senior Security Officer for CISCO

“Not only is the trainer very helpful and friendly, he has a good understanding of the subject due to his extensive practical experience; and even more importantly, a good understanding of how to work with us as participants during the two-day course.”– Roland Dermott, Systems Analyst for SGX Singapore

“Very professional and also very approachable. He kept in touch with everyone in class and made sure our needs were met. If I needed to chat about industry trends, he made time for me. Also, he has a very good understanding of my industry.” – Holly See, Security Training Manager, Singapore Customs

Trainer Profile

Mr Kannan S/O Govindasami , Regionally experienced professional in the areas of Investigations, Corporate Security, Audit and Training – CFE/CPA/COO

Mr Kannan S/O Govindasami is an experienced professional in areas of Investigations, Corporate Security, Audit and Training. He also has significant exposure speaking at numerous conferences on Investigations, Compliance, Internal Control and Fraud related areas in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Professionally, he boasts an extensive career in areas of global and corporate security, integrity risks management and fraud investigation. Master of Arts in Communication Management (University of South Australia), Bachelor of Business in Accountancy (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia) and a Professional Graduate Diploma in Security and Counter Terrorism.