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Dec 2020

Professional Certificate in Talent Management and Career Management

Course Information

Start Date12 Dec 2020, Saturday
End Date13 Dec 2020, Sunday
Time9am to 5pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee$1,200 (excluding GST)
ContactRina | 6720 3333 | training.aventis@gmail.com
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This module is designed to foster an understanding of the concepts of career development and how they relate to contemporary practices of talent development and leadership. Dynamics in organization settings are examined in conjunction with current organizational and industrial practices, objectives setting, policy development and evaluation and their relevance to organization effectiveness. Various subject related to career development will be discussed. Students will also gain insights to better understand their own life-career development and consider ways in which they can help themselves.

This module will also enhance student’s understanding about careers, including how careers evolve and key career issues from both the employee and organizational perspectives. Much has been written about the profound changes in the workplace that have led to reduced job security and the ever-increasing need for employees to take charge of their own careers. This course will review these developments with a focus on the new career model that has evolved. More importantly, the course is designed to help each student develop the critical skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage his or her own career development and work/life integration.

Learning Approach

Learning is based on an experiential process in which the student will complete a multi- faceted examination of the evolution of his or her own career. Based on this process, each student will be challenged to identify contemporary talent development and leadership practices, and life themes that will be helpful for clarifying his or her future career goals and direction. In addition, students will work on building the skills needed by human resource professionals and managers to help other employees clarify their own career issues and goals.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand the concepts of career development and how they relate to contemporary practices of talent development and leadership
  • Gain insights to better understand life-career development.
  • Develop the critical skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage career development and work/life integration.
Who Should Attend?
  • Managers, supervisors, senior government officers, HR Professionals.
  • HR practitioners, business consultants and business leaders who are involved in people management.
  • HOD, team leaders, managers or anyone who is or will be managing teams or individuals.
  • Business Owners, Consultants, Executive Coaches, Trainers seeking the latest knowledge and trends in Organizational Psychology
Course Instructor: Dr Samuel Lee

Dr Samuel Lee is the founder of Global Education Academy that focuses on empowering organizations across Asia to identify and acquire critical skill sets preparing them for Digital Transformation 4.0. With over 20 years of consultancy experience to date, Dr Samuel Lee has helped and consulted over 500 organizations across Asia in Digital Transformation Strategies, Digital Skills Training, Digital Transformation Blueprinting and Roadmap, Technology Implementation and Workplace Learning and Support. He also serves as the lead consultant for Enterprise Training and Implementation for Digital Skills Accelerator under the WSQ Digital Transformation Framework.

Dr Samuel Lee is also an adjunct faculty teaching in various Universities, as the Principal Consultant and Senior Lecturer, Dr Lee has taught various modules, such as Management, Marketing Human Resources, Organisational Behaviour and Management Research Methods

Course Outline

Topic 1: Introductions, overview of the course , opening case and talent definitions, trends, future of work and the changing nature of careers, organization career development system, strategic HRM, succession planning and talent management, career management, traditional and protean career, changing view of career and psychological contracts

Topic 2: What is talent, talent assessments include talent themes and using self-assessment to learn about talent management

Topic 3: Leadership, management and leadership, changing nature of leadership, career path routes, developing the leadership pipeline and talent management and career management

Topic 4: Developing learning themes from self-assessment data … continued, identify career development options, networking and gathering information about jobs and organizations, evaluating career options, and peer coaching sessions

Topic 5: Developing Succession planning themes from self-assessment data … making career decisions, networking and gathering information about jobs and organizations, and career discussions and change

Topic 6: Implications from corporate branding & self-assessment, making career decisions, action planning, navigating career transitions and career development

Topic 7: What is career, career stages, career assessments include life themes and using self-assessment to learn about careers