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Nov 2020

Professional Certificate in Effective Performance Management and Appraisal

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Start Date14 Nov 2020, Saturday
End Date15 Nov 2020, Sunday
Time09:00 am
VenueConcorde Hotel
Contact6720 3333
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Appraising Performance Appraisal: The Impossibility of doing away with performance evaluation

Employee appraisals serve as the primary tool for employees to have clarity and visibility of how their performance contributes to the overall business goals. One of the most significant benefits of appraisal is that it offers an opportunity for a supervisor and subordinate to have “time out” for a one-on-one discussion of important work issues that might not otherwise be addressed due to the busy workload. Performance appraisal is more than just evaluating staff performance; it is an important HR process to ensure its employees continue to deliver the best performance.

Whilst Appraisal and Performance Management will remain a significant element of measuring progress of employees in most organisations, just how effective and relevant they are today as they were in the past?

The inherent flaws in Performance Evaluation

The reality is the traditional performance appraisal as practised in the majority of organisations today is fundamentally flawed, outdated and incongruent with the current values-based, vision-driven and collaborative work environments. Despite the many impressive advantages of employee appraisal system, there has been a tsunami of interest among HR managers in recent years to revamp, redesign or eliminate the performance appraisal process.

Benefits of an Effective Performance Appraisal System

An effective performance appraisal will motivate employees, retain staff, encourage employees to develop, and achieve outstanding performance in an organization. Hence, managing and conducting the performance appraisal is essential to delivering the performance. If conducted properly, both supervisors and staff will benefit from the appraisal. These conversations will also ensure that bonds with the employees grow from strength to strength and they remain energised and fulfilled.

An Organizational Psychology Approach to Developing an Effective Appraisal and Performance Management System

As a manager, one of our toughest but most important responsibilities is to evaluate an employee’s performance, providing honest feedback and offer constructive solution to help them improve without hurting or affecting their morale or self-esteem. To have an effective performance appraisal process that will motivate, retain and develop staff; manager or supervisors who have to do appraisal must see the process as a total system to be effective.

Let our Organizational Coach shares with you a concise, hands-on guide to an effective performance appraisal process. Filled with step-by-step instructions, examples, do-and-don’t bullet lists, sample dialogues, and suggested scripts which you will be able to effectively handle staff appraisal activity from setting goals and defining job responsibilities to evaluating performance quality and discussing the performance evaluation face-to-face.

Key Takeaways

This highly practical Masterclass will equip you with the critical skills and confidence to conduct normally “dreaded” Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews, with positive results in aligning organizational goal, improving employee morale and enhancing job competence.

  • Design an organization’s performance management process that is compliant with law and supports organizational mission and strategy.
  • Compare and contrast various organizational performance management programs and best practices and define attributes of effective performance management systems.
  • Employ job-related performance standards and performance indicators that reflect the employee’s range of responsibilities.
  • Assess how increased employee involvement can contribute to effective performance and coach employees to identify career paths and resources available to support individual development.
  • Identify and communicate appropriate actions with employees (e.g. training and development, wage increase, promotion, bonus etc.) based on their performance strengths and weaknesses.
Who Will Benefit Most

Whether you’re a manger seeking to improve employee appraisals and staff feedback or a concerned business owner seeking to improve the quality and effectiveness of the appraisal process, this highly practical Masterclass will provide the tools you need to save time and energy while presenting fair and accurate evaluations that foster employee growth, loyalty and succession planning, making the entire process easier, faster, and more productive for you “and” your staff.

  • Managers, supervisors, senior government officers, HR Professionals.
  • HR practitioners, business consultants and business leaders who are involved in people management.
  • HOD, team leaders, managers or anyone who is or will be managing teams or individuals.
  • Business Owners, Consultants, Executive Coaches, Trainers seeking the latest knowledge and trends in Organizational Psychology
Key Highlights
  • Introduction and course overview
  • Background: The truth about performance management
  • Designing a performance management system: Getting started
  • Overall features of an effective performance management system: Model process
  • The specifics: Developing objectives and measuring results
  • The specifics: Developing behavioral performance standards
  • Implementation Issues