Sep 2020

Professional Certificate in Effective Counselling Techniques

Course Information

Start Date12 Sep 2020, Saturday
End Date13 Sep 2020, Sunday
Time09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Venue100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
FeeS$1200 (Excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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12 & 13 Sep 2020 (Sat & Sun)

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There are many different types of Counselling that aim to help others work through any problems or difficulties they may be having in their personal or professional lives. Effective Counselling can make a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families and organizations. Counselling skills are essential for maintaining optimum performance, and this will entails identifying causes of issues, providing counsel and advice for improvement and guidance through the process of improving behavior, attitude or performance.

2 Days Hands-On Effective Counselling Practice

This Professional Certification provides a uniquely comprehensive, accessible and practical guide to effective counselling techniques. It focuses on essentials including identifying root causes and issues, identifying and developing the appropriate counselling approach and the process and techniques for effective counselling. It also aims to equip you with the skills to Identify negative behaviors. From a professional perspective, this training will help develop your skills set to deal with different workplace situations such as employee performance review, workplace motivation and employee engagement techniques.

Becoming More Self-Aware

Effective Counselling Skills will also help to develop your self-awareness through self-reflection, personal experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Key Takeaways
  • This Professional Certification aims to provide you with effective counselling techniques and skills to help others. You will learn

    • Examine the roles of a counsellor and guiding principles of counselling
    • Explain the counselling process when working with the client
    • Problem-Solving Approach to provide effective support and guidance to those in stressful and difficult situations
    • Understand how to work with different personnel under different capacity
    • Practice interpersonal communication and counselling skills
    • Gain an understanding of professional and ethical issues in counselling
    • How to create positive relationship between you and client
    • Provide you with a structured approach for an open conversation through effective Listening skills and asking the right questions skillfully
    • Address barriers of communication in the counselling process
    • Develop Self-awareness, a crucial step in ensuring that you break down your own personal barriers
Who Should Attend?

This Certification is design anyone in a caring, facilitative or managing role in their personal or professional capacity.

This certification also offers an ideal starting place for candidates including educators, teachers, coaches, trainers and counsellors seeking pre-entry requirements for further training in counselling and counselling psychology.

Organisational Psychologist & Coach: Dr. Christopher Fong

Chris has a distinguished career in strategic leadership and coaching that spans over 2 decades. He was appointed National Fellow to the Singapore Ministry of Social and Family and advised the total capability framework of the social service professionals to include mentoring sector leaders and those in the leadership pipeline. In addition, he was the Principal Researcher for the nationwide study on fathers at the workplace. His findings have impacted government and business organisations to review their current pro-family and work-life friendly policies. He has also trained sector leaders in multicultural issues in cross-cultural marriages and clinical case formulations from a multicultural perspective. He earned his Doctorate Degree in Professional Studies(Practice Research) in 2015 and is also a member of the prestigious American Psychological Association (APA).

As a strong advocator for practice-based research, Chris contributes actively by speaking at international conferences and is a thought leader on multicultural and diversity issues and its impact across organisational matrix and businesses. His evidence-based framework that measures culture has since been published and taught across various universities. As an international award-winning orchestra conductor turned psychologist, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the concert hall to the corporate boardroom.


“Dr. Fong is lively and knowledgeable, and tailored examples to the profile of the class”
– Ms Hatsuee Foo, Assistant Commander, Singapore Prison Service

“Chris is entertaining and able to convey the tools and how these are applied in the workplace”
– Ms Carol Tan, Deputy Director, MOH

“Dr. Fong is very passionate and enthusiastic about the course. He used relevant tools and many life examples to make it easy to relate. This course not only helped me at work but also in my personal life”
– Ms Ashley, HR Manager, Bordier & Cie (Singapore) Ltd