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Apr 2021

2 Days Professional Certificate in Organizational Psychology

Course Information

Start Date12 Apr 2021, Monday
End Date13 Apr 2021, Tuesday
Time09:00 am - 05:00 pm
VenueConcorde Hotel OR Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Fee$1200 (excluding GST)
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Schedule

04 & 05 Jan 2021 (Mon & Tue) Confirmed Run

12 & 13 Apr 2021 (Mon & Tue)

12 & 13 Jul 2021 (Mon & Tue)

18 & 19 Oct 2021 (Mon & Tue)

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Organizational psychology is the science of psychology applied to work and organizations. It is a field of inquiry that covers an increasingly diverse range of topics as the nature of work continues to evolve. With growth in international business, there has been an explosive increase in the ethnic diversity, cross cultural and multi-generational workforce with different values, norms and cultural behaviors. By understanding organizational psychology, we can gain an understanding of the challenges facing organizations and how we can overcome them.

Professional Certificate in Organizational Psychology

Aventis Professional Certificate in Organization Psychology, backed up by heavy research relevant to modern organizations, explores facets of workplace psychology, and aims to provide students with a comprehensive framework on the use of organizational psychology in human resource management challenges and consulting in business. This program is for the passionate employee who seeks to understand organizational psychology and workplace relationships, find answers to daily challenges faced at work, apply this knowledge, and rise as leaders and advocates of healthy workplaces.

2 Days Cutting Edge Learning

This Professional Certification is designed to equip HR executives & industry practitioners with the knowledge to effectively apply organizational psychology at work to deliver win-win solutions that benefit both organization and its employee. This is a practical oriented program focused on delivering practical solutions to improve organizational fit, employee engagement and long-term success for career and life progression.

Key Takeaways

This certification aims to equip you with a strong foundation in Organizational Psychology. It aims to help equip you with the skills to help organizations hire, manage, develop, support employees and align employee efforts with business needs. Through the lectures and class discussions, students will learn the scientific basis of human behavior at work and how they relate to processes of hiring, developing, managing and supporting employees.

  • Identify changes in working practices and analyze the impact of the changes on employees and organizations
  • Apply psychological theories to explain organizational and individual phenomenon within workplaces
  • Using psychological theoretical frameworks, prescribe initiatives and solutions for a wide range of organizational issues and challenges
Who Should Attend?

The course provides a focused and well-rounded curriculum through post-experiential learning and practical oriented sessions. It is a popular choice amongst our students, many whom are:

  • HOD, Managers, Trainers and Academics
  • Executives and Support Staff
  • HR executives and practitioners
  • Supervisors / Team and business leaders
Organisational Coach

Dr. Christopher Fong

Chris has a distinguished career in strategic leadership and coaching that spans over 2 decades. He was appointed National Fellow to the Singapore Ministry of Social and Family and advised the total capability framework of the social service professionals to include mentoring sector leaders and those in the leadership pipeline. In addition, he was the Principal Researcher for the nationwide study on fathers at the workplace. His findings have impacted government and business organisations to review their current pro-family and work-life friendly policies. He has also trained sector leaders in multicultural issues in cross-cultural marriages and clinical case formulations from a multicultural perspective. He earned his Doctorate Degree in Professional Studies(Practice Research) in 2015 and is also a member of the prestigious American Psychological Association (APA).

As a strong advocator for practice-based research, Chris contributes actively by speaking at international conferences and is a thought leader on multicultural and diversity issues and its impact across organisational matrix and businesses. His evidence-based framework that measures culture has since been published and taught across various universities. As an international award-winning orchestra conductor turned psychologist, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the concert hall to the corporate boardroom.


“It has been an amazing 2 days with lots of take away. The course provides an insightful understanding on the impact of organisational psychology in our course of work. I have personally learnt a lot practical tips beyond the theories, tools and frameworks from Dr Fong! Thank you Aventis for organising the course!” 
Winnie Lim, Centre Manager, SPD@Jurong

“Dr. Fong is lively and knowledgeable, and tailored examples to the profile of the class”
– Ms Hatsuee Foo, Assistant Commander, Singapore Prison Service

“Chris is entertaining and able to convey the tools and how these are applied in the workplace”
– Ms Carol Tan, Deputy Director, MOH

“Dr. Fong is very passionate and enthusiastic about the course. He used relevant tools and many life examples to make it easy to relate. This course not only helped me at work but also in my personal life”
– Ms Ashley, HR Manager, Bordier & Cie (Singapore) Ltd

Course Outline


  • Understand the core processes of
  • Work motivation
  • Job attitudes and Affect
  • Performance that underlie behavior at work


  • Psychology of the Schema
  • Personality Assessments
  • Right Person Right Fit


  • Team Formation
  • Conflict Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Leading Change


Understand the challenges of managing differences within and across organizations, covering the topics of diversity, discrimination, and cross-cultural psychology

  • Stress induced behaviors
  • Work Life Balance
  • Values based perspective


  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Counselling