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May 2021

Mastering Microsoft Office: Intermediate to Advanced Course (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date27 May 2021, Thursday
End Date28 May 2021, Friday
Time09:30 am to 04:30 pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$1,280 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of e-materials and e-certificate
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Rina) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream


In this complex and fast-changing job market, Microsoft Office skills remain as one of the most in-demand career skills employers look for in job candidates. Microsoft Office 2016 is widely used in most of the companies to help the employees perform their day-to-day activities efficiently.  Yet, many of us are unaware that it offers well-hidden powerful features that could drastically improve our productivity at the workplace.

In the Microsoft Office 2-day intensive course, you will learn the tips and tricks to improve your productivity by using Microsoft Office 2016. By the end of the course, you will gain intermediate to advanced techniques in using Microsoft Office Software such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to save time doing repetitive tasks. This practical course helps you master Microsoft Office Productivity Software in no time.

2 Day Practical Hands-On Training by Microsoft Certified Expert, Ms Valene Ang

In this 2-days course, you will learn many useful features in Microsoft Office 2016 such as share your documents with other users, pin your frequently used files to the new Open Screen, Flash Fill, Quick Analysis Tools, Timeline and so on. Using real-world examples and case studies, you will learn hands-on effective tips to fully harness the hidden analysis power of Microsoft office and its powerful modeling functions for decision making, analysis, marketing, accounting and finance.

You will also learn how to use Excel 2016 data consolidating features to speed your daily work and boost your productivity at work; how to use Word 2016 to edit PDF documents and mail merge multiple addresses to letters; how to use PowerPoint 2016 to create eye-catching presentation slides.

Key Takeaways- Discover the Hidden Power of MS Office

In this 2-day workshop, participants will learn how to

  • Create personalized letters or emails to multiple contacts at one go
  • Create and edit PDF documents in Word
  • Use Flash Fill in Excel to format and copy data in a flash
  • Use Quick Analysis to analyse and format data instantly
  • Create multimedia photo album with PowerPoint in 15 minutes
  • Create personalized custom slide show with PowerPoint
Don’t Waste Your Time Through Trial and Error – Who Should Attend?

This workshop is highly recommended for executives, senior officers of government agencies, entrepreneurs and professionals who is  seeking to enhance their MS office skills set, produce excellent results quickly and increase their productivity efficiency.

This is an intermediate to advanced level course and participants must have some intermediate level knowledge in Microsoft Excel 2016, Word 2016 and PowerPoint 2016.

Note: Participants are required to bring their own laptop with Microsoft Office 2016 installed. The workshop is only for Windows version Microsoft Office users.

Raving Testimonials

“Overall experience is good over Zoom no difficulty to ask a question or see on the screen. The trainer, Ms. Valene Ang has good knowledge and command over Microsoft office 2016. I will strongly recommend this course because you can learn a lot of things that we use in our daily routine office work.” Rajeev, Assistant Manager – Singapore Tourism Board

“The learning experience with Zoom is very good. The trainer is extremely knowledgeable.” Danzel, Manager – Singapore Tourism Board

“Learning via Zoom is all good! The trainer is attentive and well prepared. The course helps to improve productivity.” Grace, HR Associate – Swiss Re Asia Pte. Ltd. 

“Yes, she is knowledgeable about the product and is able to answer questions in layman terms with illustrations. This course is very suitable for people who use the software to increase efficiency.” Shirley Liao, Senior Executive – City Developments Limited


MS Excel Expert and Microsoft Certified Trainer: Valene Ang

Valene Ang is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Master Instructor of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). She brings with her 20 years’ experience in corporate training and consultancy. Valene has a broad experience in customizing Microsoft Office training programs, developing customized course outline and course material, assisting corporate clients in business data analysis and providing dynamic report solutions.

She had conducted many Microsoft Office workshops in Singapore and Malaysia. Her training focuses on providing practical solutions to real life Excel problems. As a Certified Trainer, Ms Ang has trained hundreds of executives, managers and directors from across medium sized organisations, government offices and multinational companies. Some of her high profile clients including PSA International, DFS Galleria Singapore, Neptune Orient Lines Limited (NOL), National Environment Agency (NEA), Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), CPF Board, Public Utility Board (PUB), Canadian High Commission, British High Commission, Temasek Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Baxter Healthcare Pte. Ltd, and many more.

Program Highlights

Chapter 1: Speeding Up Your Work Using Excel
1.1 Speed Up Document Creation Using Templates
1.2 Create Consistent Look Using Cell Styles And Themes
1.3 Enter Data In Multiple Worksheets Concurrently
1.4 Populate Data Automatically Using Autofill
1.5 Automatically Fill In Values Using Flash Fill
1.6 Easier Data Analysis With Quick Analysis Tool

Chapter 2: Awesome Features In Microsoft Excel
2.1 Validating Data Using Rules
2.2 Using Pick Lists to Restrict Data Entry
2.3 Protecting Worksheet Content And Workbook Structure
2.4 Easier Charting Using Recommended Charts
2.5 Easier Chart Customization Using Chart Tools

Chapter 3: Consolidating Data
3.1 Consolidating Data From Different Worksheets
3.2 Arranging All Open Windows
3.3 Consolidating Data From Different Workbooks
3.4 Editing Links From Different Workbooks

Chapter 4: Awesome Features In Microsoft Word
4.1 View Document Without Tabs And Ribbons In Read Mode
4.2 Reply To Comments And Make Them As Done
4.3 Layout Options To Arrange Images And Text Around Them
4.4 Copy Only Formatting Using Format Painter
4.5 Change Document Themes and Formatting
4.6 Create Multilevel Lists To Organize Items
4.7 Open And Edit PDF Contents
4.8 Restrict Editing Of Important Data In Document

Chapter 5: Mail Merging Using Word
5.1 Mail Merge Multiple Addresses To Letters
5.2 Mail Merge Multiple Addresses To Labels

Chapter 6: Managing Long Documents Using Word
6.1 Navigate And Search Using Navigation Pane
6.2 Insert Cover Page To The Document
6.3 Insert Watermark Behind The Content Page
6.4 Apply Document Formatting
6.5 Insert Section Breaks
6.6 Insert Headers And Footers
6.7 Insert Table Of Contents

Chapter 7: Creating Slide Contents Using PowerPoint
7.1 Create Contents Using Templates
7.2 Insert Contents From Word Outline
7.3 Reuse Slides From Other Presentation
7.4 Create Consistent Look Using Themes
7.5 Create Consistent Look Using Slide Master
7.6 Organize Presentation Into Sections

Chapter 8: Creating Interactive Slide Show Using PowerPoint
8.1 Add Custom Animation To Contents
8.2 Add Transitions To Slides
8.3 Add Video And Background Music
8.4 Navigate Your Slide Show Using Hyperlink
8.5 Rehearse Your Presentation Using Rehearse Timings
8.6 Set Up An Auto Run Slide Show

Chapter 9: Awesome Features In Microsoft PowerPoint
9.1 Convert Text to SmartArt Graphics
9.2 Save Presentation In PDF Formats
9.3 Customize Picture Using Format Picture Task Pane
9.4 Create a Multimedia Photo Album