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Nov 2020

Redefining Leadership Skills For A Digital Age (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date10 Nov 2020, Tuesday
End Date10 Nov 2020, Tuesday
Time9.30am to 12.30pm
VenueOnline Live Streaming (Zoom)
Fee$400 Inclusive of e-certificate and e-materials
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Carmen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream


The coming years will welcome a time of “Digital Leaders”. Around the world, leaders in different fields have already began embracing the digital revolution and recognizing the power of game-changing technology. The ‘new norm’ has also brought about a new set of digital age leadership skills that has grown in prominence for leaders to evolve with.

Digital leadership can be defined by a leader’s contribution to the transition towards a knowledge society and their knowledge of technology. Digital leaders have an obligation to keep up with the ongoing global revolution, they need to understand technology, not merely as an enabler but also for its revolutionary force.

Today’s leaders must have the ability to identify technological trends across different sectors, such as big data, cloud computing, automation, and robotics. However, first and foremost they must possess sufficient knowledge and the vision to use these resources most effectively.

Gain A Competitive Edge with New Age Digital Leadership Skills

A balanced mix of universal characteristics and digital leadership skills and traits has the potential to guide us through years of transformation with optimism and idealism. Technology continues to prove that it can be used for the benefit of mankind, but only if we set sail on the right course and with the right companions.

In this half-day workshop, participants will learn about the essential Leadership Skills in A Digital Age. What does the pandemic mean for leaders? What skills do they need to drive the future of their organisations? This topic is especially popular for leaders who wish to gain a competitive edge in navigating the crisis.

Key Objectives
  • Learn about how leading companies are preparing for the future of work, and what you can do to encourage collaboration and agility for your team
  • Understand Leadership In A Digital Age (LIDA) framework – a leader’s roadmap for driving the future, in a post-Covid world
  • Learn from case studies using skills such as critical thinking and problem solving
Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Mid-to-Senior Level Executives
  • Mid to Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • C-Suite Executives
MIT Certified Digital Age Leadership Coach: Mr. Mark Stuart

Certified Speaking Professional Member of Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (top 15% of global speakers)

Certified in Design Thinking & Innovation by MIT
Professional Member of Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore

Group Representative – British Chamber of Commerce Singapore, Entrepreneur & Small Business Committee

Committee Member – Finance & Insurance Focus Group, Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) 

Mark is a sought-after international keynote speaker and corporate trainer of an award-winning training company and he works with over 220+ MNCs, government agencies, and universities in Innovation, Leadership and Soft Skills.

Mark is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) – one of only 15% of speakers globally with this qualification – the speaking profession’s highest earned designation, based on revenue, bookings and performance. Mark is one of a handful of speakers/trainers in Singapore with this accreditation.

As of June 2020, Mark is also a Certified Virtual Presenter – one of the first few speakers/trainers located in Asia who has been accredited to run virtual presentations, virtual speeches and online training.

As Co-Founder of Anagram Group, Mark was presented the ‘Future of Work’ award at the 19th Annual Business Awards from the British High Commissioner to Singapore, Scott Wightman and Mr. Chan Chun Sing, Singapore’s Minister of Trade & Industry.

Prior to training, Mark had 15 years of international management and investment banking experience in the UK, Australia and Asia for Morgan Stanley, Schroders, Goldman Sachs, Abbey National and Salomon Brothers.  In these roles, he was a Global and Regional department director, and managed teams from Singapore, China, India and Japan.  This exposure has allowed him to see first-hand what works and what doesn’t in a multicultural workplace.  His experience leading rapid growth and extensive change gave him invaluable experience in building teams and increasing employee engagement. 

Course Outline
  1. Industry 4.0 and the Future of Work
  • What is Industry 4.0 and how are leading companies preparing for the future of work
  • The changing international leadership landscape and what it means for you as a senior executive
  • Your role as a leader in developing a future-ready workforce
  • How to encourage collaboration and cross-functional teams, working across silos
  • What it means to be an agile, innovative leader who drives change
  1. Leadership Models & The Changing Leadership Landscape
  • Most-wanted skillsets for future leaders
  • Exploring popular leadership models
  1. The Leadership in a Digital Age Framework
  • L – Learn: The importance of keeping abreast with modern technological trends
  • I – Innovate: Driving innovation across the firm
  • D – Data: Why data is the ‘new gold’ and how to develop a data-driven strategy
  • A – Acknowledge: Where do you need to still grow as a leader?

Activities include: Participants will be given leadership case studies and tasked to answer questions as a group using skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. They will also review the LIDA framework and discuss where they and their company need to improve.

  1. Becoming Future-Ready, Post-Covid-19
  • Your role as a leader in developing a future-ready workforce
  1. Wrap Up + Q&A