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Jan 2018

Keys To Overcome Delegation Challenges At Work

Course Information

Start Date16 Jan 2018, Tuesday
End Date16 Jan 2018, Tuesday
Time09:00 am
VenueHoliday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre Singapore 229616
Contact6720 3333
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Is delegating an art or a chore? Why is delegating such a difficult task? Delegation, a word that conjures up fear or a Singapore slang for ‘arrowing’! Truth be told that delegation is an important process because it not only identifies the leadership but also strengths that otherwise would not be identified! Delegation also assists in succession planning and if one is indispensable, then one is also unpromotable. Therefore, if one is to move from a state of mediocrity or stagnation, then delegation will definitely help you to identify leaders and even gaps!

Workshop Outline
  • Why leadership is important
  • Personalities do play a big role in delegation
  • Identifying the right person for the right fit
  • Conflict is bound to happen in delegation
  • Leadership levels that will help plan and influence delegation
Key Takeaways

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • P.L.A.C.E
  • P – Personality
  • L – Leadership
  • A – Attitude
  • C – Culture
  • E – Equip and empowerment

After this workshop, participants will be able to apply:

  • Personality awareness
  • Leadership transcends across all levels
  • Attitude is different from behaviours, characters and personality
  • Culture is adaptive not subjective
  • Empowerment towards self and others

The art of delegation is not only helpful but also crucial towards your success factors!

Who Should Attend?

Senior Managers, Managers and Senior Executives


“Marie earns my respect as someone who is authentic, passionate and committed to helping others in empowering them to make an impact in their lives.” – Marketing Consultant, Singapore

“Marie is completely trustworthy, and has a very strong work ethic.” – Director, Kleiberit, Australia

Trainer - Ms. Marie Ang

Marie Ang is the Founder and Managing Director of Solomon’s Guild and the Asia Pacific President of Academic Management Group, LLC. She serves on the advisory boards of several businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore.

She is an experienced leadership, personality and relationship coach, mentor, speaker and author with over 25 years of corporate management experience. She has worked in various countries and in diverse industries such as education, banking, finance and aviation.

Marie is a certified John C. Maxwell and Accelerated Coach Training coach, mentor and a sought-after speaker in various business, educational and professional fora. She assists businesses in human capital development and business transformation.

Marie currently serves in the following positions:

  • Ambassador Alliance Founder, Lifeforming Ambassadors (USA, Dr. Joseph Umidi);
  • Executive Committee Member and Mentor, SG100 Foundation (Singapore);
  • Associate Partner, Platform E by Singapore Institute of Management (Singapore);
  • Co- Advisor, Nanyang Technological University’s Entrepreneurship Society (Singapore);
  • Mentor, Grace Assembly Church Marriage Mentorship Program (Singapore)
  • Mentor, Irish Executive Mentoring Program (Hong Kong); and
  • Mentor and Coach, University of Hong Kong MBA Program (Hong Kong)

Marie’s passion is helping people to understand themselves better, to turn head knowledge into wisdom and to excel in career, relationship and life.

Her personal goal is to help people: convert a wedding to a marriage, a connection to a relationship, a wondering generality to a meaningful specific, knowledge to wisdom and mediocrity to significance.