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Sep 2020

Investigative Interviewing & Non-Confrontational Interrogation Techniques for Professionals

Course Information

Start Date 7 Sep 2020, Monday
End Date 8 Sep 2020, Tuesday
Time 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Venue 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Fee S$1200 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of hotel buffet lunch, light refreshments and course materials
Contact 6720 3333 (Ms Chye Fen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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Course Schedule

7 & 8 Sep 2020 (Mon & Tue)

3 & 4 Dec 2020 (Thu & Fri)

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Investigative Interviewing & Non-Confrontational Interrogation Techniques for Professionals
Managers, HR, Audit, Data Protection Officers or Security are often called upon to conduct internal investigation which may relate to a customer’s feedback, employee’s allegation, an accident or workplace incident or an alleged disciplinary matter. They may also be asked to determine corporate policies, practices and procedures to prevent losses; deal with crisis; negotiate with tenderers or any other corporate concerns. The seemingly routine process of interviewing people to gather facts and ascertain truths is often perplexed by varying behaviors and motives of individuals.

However, the process of interviewing people is extremely difficult, stressful, tedious and challenging for all those involved. In order to effectively carry out the aforementioned responsibilities, individuals involved in the interviewing or investigation process must be quipped with the right skills set to secure a complete and truthful report

A Step by Step Guide to Uncovering the Truth Using Evidence Based Investigative Interview Techniques at Work
Taught by Behavioural Analyst and Investigative Expert: Alan Elangovan, this 2 Day Art of Evidence based Investigative Interviewing Techniques can help interviewers in any setting to detect indications of deception and respond to them appropriately.  Real cases will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques taught including audio files of actual successful interrogation conducted. A practical session will be conducted at the end of the program to allow the application of the knowledge and techniques taught. Drawing elements from psychology, philosophy, and sociology, Alan will share with you on how to apply highly effective industry prove interviewing techniques. With this new skill set, you will be able to extract facts from the submissions of people and dig deeper using a systemic and principles-based approach.
Importance of a Firm Understanding of Disclosures to Avoid Potential Law Suit
Being equipped with a firm grounding of Investigative Interviewing Techniques is relevant and important for managers and the organization to effectively secure facts and avoid unnecessary lawsuits, prevent future recurrence or further losses and eliminate other negative impacts to corporate image and reputation. All company will have to equip managers with the skillset to interview people to receive critical information and details in the crucial time.
Key Takeaways
  • A step by step guide of a systematic investigation and interviewing process
  • Understand the rights and roles when carrying out investigative interview
  • Understand the psychology in detecting deception.
  • Using industry proven interview and interrogation technique to obtain the truth.
  • Common Question Types Used in Interview, Investigation & Interrogation
  • Distinguish the two major stages of interview and the list of Physiological & Psychological factor
  • Detect body language, subtle signs and display of emotion when near tipping point or after making a confession
  • The use of investigative technologies to aid investigation
  • Drafting of report and Understanding the legal implication and evidential issues relating to confessions
Course Outlines
Day 1:

  • Being made familiar with the course
  • Course Overview and Investigation Process
  • Detecting Deception during the Interview
  • Understanding the Legal Composition of the Concept
  • Interactive Communication – Attitude, Intent & Body Language
  • The 17 Question Types Employed in Interview
  • Preparation (Objectives, Types of Interviewee)
  • Getting the Environment Ready
  • The Professional Guide to Interview

Day 2:

  • The Interview Process
  • How to Engage an Interviewee
  • Being Sure of What is Said
  • Clarifications
  • Confrontations for Clearer Understanding
  • Bringing the Interview to an End
  • Differentiating between good and bad interviews
  • Practical Engagement of the Studies
  • Flashback for Highpoints and Pitfalls
Who Should Attend?
  • Managers / Senior executives
  • HR Directors, Managers and Executives Directors, Managers
  • Recruitment / Human Resource Executives
  • Security Managers / Executives
  • Accountant / Auditors
  • Quality Assurance
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Private or internal Investigators
  • Others involved in gathering facts including lawyers, forensics investigator and Private investigators.
Training Methodologies
  • This will be a one-day course, conducted formally and the following methodologies will be applied:
    • Presentation
    • Group Discussion
    • Individual and team exercises
    • Videos
    • Role-playing
    • Case studies

    Bonus: Training materials are masterfully sought, well-prepared and thoroughly-checked just in a bid to encompass all the societal components. Thus, no one should be left out in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Trainer Profile

Behavioural Analyst and Investigative Expert: Alan Elangovan

Alan Elangovan is a teacher, mentor, trainer, security expert and behavioural analyst. He has occupied his space as a trainer in Singapore for the past thirty years. Still, the fire of his intellectual acumen rages in every sector of the country. His services have been employed by both new and old companies and he has always exemplified the perfect definition of balance. Alan is not a hunger-driven trainer. As a way of enhancing his skills and expertise in his chosen field, Alan has been to Australia, Germany and Denmark for specialised training sessions. Anytime he teaches, he portrays universality and standard.

After revolutionising many firms in Singapore, the news of his prowess spreads to other neighbouring Asian nations and in 2005, he became an international trainer. Indonesia, Malaysia, Bhutan and Cambodia are some of his usual training nations. To demonstrate how charming his training sessions are, many of his trainees have had the course to travel down to Singapore moments when his itineraries are filled up. The continuous flow of classes he conducts for people from all over the world has unarguably enhanced the quality of his delivery and also increased his knowledge. He does not jump into areas where he knows he does not have a perfect mastery of its subject matter.

His classes do center on public speaking, behavioral analysis, security, crisis management in the corporate world, enhancement of employees’ productivity, control of emotions and other germane issues tailored towards the improvement of our world. He is no doubt the perfect trainer for any of your professional needs.