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Dec 2017

HR Professionals: How do you benefit from Intuition at Work?

Course Information

Start Date1 Dec 2017, Friday
End Date1 Dec 2017, Friday
Time09:00 am
VenueConcorde Hotel level 4 Orchard Rd Singapore 233840
FeeS$600 | S$360 after PIC Grant 40% Inclusive of tea break refreshments & buffet lunch (halal / vegetarian options)
Contact6720 3333
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Have you ever been bombarded with pressure to make decisions quickly? Are you stressed out by overwhelming amount of data? Intuition, or gut feelings, play an essential role for decision-making in our rapidly changing environments. Some decisions require more than fact & experience. Certain situations at work may involve lack of information (ambiguity), varying information from different sources (contradiction) or having to hire / fire staff (human resource decisions). Studies have shown that the combination of cognition & intuition is powerful. But why do we often find it so difficult to connect with our “inner voices”? We know that the amount of storage in our working memory is limited. We are also aware that over-thinking can become counterproductive. Sadly, most of us learn it the hard way. When we go against those inner nudges, we often end up making costly decisions!

Key Takeaways

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • Why the mind-body-connection is so important for us
  • How intuition transcends logical thinking & thought processes
  • Ways to quiet your conscious mind & connect with inner guidance
  • How current research is supporting the power of intuition
  • Ego versus intuition (beyond the intellect)
  • Innate intuitive ability: How to find and trust yours
  • How mindfulness bridges the gaps between your internal & external worlds
  • Ways for tuning in & accessing the wealth of information within
  • How to get out of old habits, habitual patterns & mental processes
  • How to harness intuition to become a better leader & colleague at work
  • The link between intuition, productivity and creativity
  • Simple but powerful tools you can use in the workplace
Who Must Attend?
  • HR Professionals across all industries who want to get more in touch with their intuition & harness it effectively at work.
Trainer's Profile Qualified Psychotherapist; Trained in Psychology; Group Facilitator & Personal Empowerment Coach: Siobhan Coulter

Born in Australia, Siobhan was a psychologist treating panic, anxiety and behavioral disorders. Other than Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, she is also skilled in facilitating past life regression and energy healing. Currently, as an in-house practitioner at The Golden Space, Siobhan combines her knowledge of psychology & intuitive wisdom to provide stress and anxiety solutions for her clients who are from all walks of life including those of senior management across the region. Her workshops empower individuals to live consciously with open hearts, create real connections and gain a deep understanding.

A writer at heart, Siobhan’s interesting and informative articles are featured regularly in magazines. Having had her personal awakening, Siobhan embraces everything in life with a wide, open heart. By understanding that one’s life journey can be fraught with pain, fear, self-doubt and other challenges, Siobhan strives to live authentically with a sense of mission and purpose. With her belief and innermost desire to live life with unconditional love, Siobhan is committed to sharing her wisdom and experiences with many others who may face various challenges in their lives.