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Jun 2017

Genes / DNA: The Game Changer at Work!

Course Information

Start Date 9 Jun 2017, Friday
End Date 9 Jun 2017, Friday
Time 09:00 am
Venue 11 Cavenagh Road, Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre Singapore 229616
Fee S$700 | S$420 After PIC Grant of 40% Inclusive of 2 coffee breaks, light refreshments and buffet lunch with vegetarian / halal options
Contact 6822 8597
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Gene is the basic unit of heredity where genes are made up of Deoxyribonuclei Acid (DNA). Genes do not code for feelings or behaviors but code for proteins that regulate biological systems. Genes are the same across individuals but less than 1% are slightly different, which is contributed by DNA sequences called genotypes. This means that although we share approximately 99% of our DNA sequences, everyone has a unique genotype. Biological, behavioral and social shaping processes interact with this genotype to create unique psychological characteristics. Personality is the individual’s set of enduring tendencies to act, feel and think in particular ways. In other words, you are who you are because of how you process information and how you self-regulate by adjusting thoughts and behaviors. This is influenced by genes, upbringing and environment.. However, research has suggested that genes do not operate continuously but can switch on and off where temperaments like emotionality, sociability and activity level can be modified by life experiences. Studies have shown a genetic determination for several traits related to aggression. It is pre-programmed genetically to serve an adaptive purpose that facilitates survival. The wide variations in human personality is the process of evolution throwing up variations of the human psyche, which allows adaptive personalities to survive and procreate. Unsurprisingly, there is found to be a big genetic difference in individuals’ ability to persist, restrain and react to challenges positively, or otherwise. Complex systems of genes work in concert to express a personality trait. However, it is not deterministic like a single gene and change is constant as we age. There is no one definitive answer to what makes up personality. In a complex species like humans, we will never be done understanding the Psychology of Personality.

Key Takeaways

Participants will learn, discover & understand:

  • How individuals are inherently & genetically different
  • Behavioral genetics: Roles of genes on temperament & personality
  • Nature-nurture controversy: Is personality a genetic inheritance or the result of environment & experience
  • Personality / individual differences from an evolutionary perspective
  • Complexity of personality traits: Polygenic / multiple genes
  • Psychometric & personality tests: Source, selection, credibility & ethical issues
  • Your own personality: Assessment & interpretation
Who Must Attend?
  • Professionals across all industries who wish to learn more about individual differences from a biological or psychological perspective & apply the knowledge at work.
  • Executives, managers & directors who wish to understand more about the unique psychological characteristics of clients & colleagues.
  • Individuals who are keen on learning how one’s temperament / personality is influenced by holistic factors and how to bring change.
  • Those who are interested in gaining insights / knowledge of the human psyche.
Trainer Profile: Mrs. Piyali Chakrabarti

Registered Clinical Psychologist (Singapore Psychological Society), Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapist (William Glasser Institute of Singapore), Trained in Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Head, Department of Psychology (Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore), Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Scott Psychological Centre)

An Expert in her field – Piyali has a wealth of experience in handling clients from Singapore and internationally. Her clinical interests include managing anxiety, depression, and a wide range of psychological and/or behavioral issues that are related to major life-style changes.

Her career in mental health has given her experience in counseling and therapy across a wide range of institutional settings like corporate sectors, schools, hospitals, private practice and special education centers across diverse populations.

Piyali is multi-lingual. Having clients of all ages and from all walks of life, she is keenly aware of the challenges and potential adjustment issues that expatriates and their families may face when settling in a new country. Recognizing the effectiveness of different intervention modalities, Piyali conducts workshops and facilitates group therapy sessions to support clients in managing their challenges.