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Jul 2020

Executive Certificate in Sun Tzu Art of Strategy (6 Weeks E-Learning Course)

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Start Date7 Jul 2020, Tuesday
End Date17 Aug 2020, Monday
Fee$1,200 (excluding GST)
ContactEmily | 9384 2258 | emily@aventisglobal.com
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The Art of War is one of the most ancient Chinese treaties on military leadership and strategy. It is written by strategist and warrior philosopher Sun Tzu. It is commonly known to be the definitive work on military strategy and tactics of its time. It has been the most famous and influential of China’s Seven Military Classics The Art of War has by now transcended beyond military applications. Sun Tzu’s ancient Art of Wat Strategy has inspired military, Political and business leaders across the world with it’s brilliant strategies for prevailing against opponents. Tracing to the root wisdom of Sun Tzu’s Art of War uncover the principles of managing change to attain fortunes and avoid disasters. For successful business leaders, reading the Art of War is a rite of passage, CEO.com include Art of War on its list of Leadership Strategy to Learn Before You Die.

The Complete Strategic And Leadership Insights For Business Leaders

Let Renowned Faculty and Art of War Strategist, Professor Foo Check Teck shows you how to apply Sun Tzu’s strategic principles to twenty-first century business. In this 6 week self-paced e learning online course, you will learn how to use timeless principles of leadership, psychology and power to achieve everything that you set out to do. Both your private and professional lives will benefit immensely from understanding. This Executive Certificate will also provide an in depth overview of the 13 chapters of the book of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. The root of Sun Tzu’s Art of War philosophy – I-Ching and the key steps to sharpen, deepen and master Art of War Strategy for professional and personal success.

Key Takeaways

APPLYING ART OF WAR TO LEAD:Extolling the enlightened individual and downplaying external circumstances. As Sun Tzu writes: “When troops flee, are insubordinate, distressed, collapse in disorder or are rerouted, it is the fault of the general. None of these disasters can be distributed to natural causes“.

APPLYING ART OF WAR TO ADAPT AND GROW: Accordingly, as circumstances are favourable, one should modify one’s plans. How to Use the Art of War to Master Challenges and Accomplish the Important Goals in Your Life

APPLYING ART OF WAR TO ELEVATE MISSION & INJECT URGENCY:Applying the life-and-death lessons to business elevates everyday matters to a new level of importance and urgency.

APPLYING ART OF WAR TO MAKE DIFFICULT DECISION: Sun Tzu doesn’t have any time for ambiguities, introspection or gray areas (probably because he was trying to win wars). He is decisive, unwavering and blunt — exactly the leadership qualities we prize.

APPLYING ART OF WAR FOR INNOVATION “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX”: Providing a precious window into ancient Art of Strategy, leadership and management. Sun Tzu’s Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work & Business

Who Should Attend?

Packed with personal anecdotes and real-life case studies, this workshop offers deep insights, original thinking, and feasible solutions to everyday challenges.

  • Senior officers and Executives from government agencies or MNCs
  • CEOS, C Level Executives, Directors, Head of Departments
  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups, business consultants and advisors
  • Sales and marketers, Business development executives
  • Anyone who wants to learn and benefit from the wisdom of Sun Tzu Thought leaders
  • National and Local Government, Provincial Government and Municipalities
  • Engineers and Consultants Municipal Managers
  • Key Industry Players & Industry Consultants, Stakeholders and Decision Makers
  • Business Consultants, Leading Academics, PhD Students
Pathway to Graduate Diploma in Chinese Strategic Thinking

This 6 weeks Executive Certification serve as a pathway to attend the Graduate Diploma in Chinese Strategic Thinking. This Graduate Diploma in Chinese Strategic thinking aims to broaden the perspectives of executives and young managers, who ultimately return to work with powerful new insights of what is possible for themselves as leaders and their organizations. With these broader outlooks and insights, you will be able to bring personal and professional growth. There are many employment opportunities in the private and public sectors for Graduate Diploma graduates. The programs help graduates to acquire business “know-how” when moving up to supervisory or managerial positions.

Trainer’s Profile

Professor Foo Check Teck, Founder Of Sun Tzu Art Of War Institute (Phd, Strategy St Andrew University)

Founder of Art of War institute, Dr Foo is globally renowned for his award winning research into the psychology of Sun Tzu and Art of War corporate strategy. He has held many Visiting Professorships across Asia, Europe and America and was on several editorial boards of international journals. Prior to his PhD, he spent 12 years with Multinational Corporation companies and Government entities. He held positions such as Industrial Relations Advisor, Project Manager, and Assistant Director. Dr Foo is much sought after as keynote speaker (now focusing on China) and is Chairman of the Sun Tzu Institute. He is also the founding organiser of the highly successful Global Chinese Management Studies Conference. For his diverse multi-disciplinary interests (including papers in engineering journals), Straits Times hailed him as Singapore’s Man of Renaissance