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Feb 2021

Develop Effective Communication Skills To Succeed In The Workplace (LIVE Stream)

Course Information

Start Date19 Feb 2021, Friday
End Date19 Feb 2021, Friday
Time09:30 am - 12:30 pm
VenueOnline LIVE Stream via Zoom
Fee$388 (Excluding GST) Inclusive of e-materials and e-certificates
Contact6720 3333 (Ms Carmen) training.aventis@gmail.com
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LIVE Stream


Effective communication skills are becoming increasingly important, and they are fundamental to success in many aspects of life. Especially in the workplace, most jobs would require strong communication skills. People with good communication skills also usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends and family. Effective communication is recognized as a key interpersonal skill, and there are many benefits to gain in learning how to improve your communication skills. However, the challenge that most people face is not knowing where to begin to improve.

Key Takeaways

In this 3-Hour high impact workshop, you will be equipped with the following: 

  • Understand the Communication Process
  • Get to know your personal communication style, and discover your strengths and areas for improvement in communication
  • Learn the different communication styles for different types of people you will meet
  • Learn about the Non-Verbal and Paraverbal Communication Types
  • Identify Barriers to Communication
Course Outline

1. Communication Styles

  • How Do We Communicate
  • Different Models of communication
  • Internal Representation Within Us (5 Senses)


2. Know Yourself, Know Others

  • Benefits of Using the Personal Style Inventory
  • Interpretation and Validation
  • Application of Personality Preferences


3. Non-Verbal Communication

  • Understanding the Mehrabian Study
  • All About Body Language
  • Interpreting Gestures


4. Paraverbal Communication Skills

  • It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It
  • The Power of Pitch
  • The Truth About Tone
  • The Strength of Speed


5. Understanding Communication Barriers

  • An Overview of Common Barriers
  • Language Barriers
  • Cultural Barriers
  • Difference in Time and Place

“Catherine is very engaging and full of insight. I am convinced that the content I’ve learnt through this workshop will be useful for my line of work.” – Muhammad Isnin Bin Abdullah, SPF

“Catherine was very entertaining. I picked up the necessary communication skills, and learnt how to understand people better. Overall a good workshop!” – Mohamed Kithirdeen, SPF

Trainer’s Profile

Catherine is a trained Image Consultant, ICF Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner. Dedicated to high-quality standards and customer care, Catherine tailors her programs and services according to the needs of clients, which include small-medium businesses, large corporations, government and educational institutes, and individuals from all walks of life. With her passion to inspire and empower, participants in her seminars and workshops always find themselves engaged in the process with her warm and approachable style.

Above of that, she continues to make a commitment to advancing her professional development by being an active member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. Her strong belief to support high international standards of professionalism for image consultants led her to serve as the AICI Chair of Certified Image Consultants (2011-2013), where she is responsible for the review and approval of the applications for certification. She is also currently the President of AICI Singapore Chapter (2017-2019).

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Statistics and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Highly proficient in the Mandarin language, Catherine also holds a Diploma in Business Chinese from the Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business. Her business education has served Catherine well: It has given her a keen understanding of Chinese business practices and provided her with the essential skills to handle commerce and trade transactions in the ever-dynamic Chinese business community.

Catherine’s business acumen was further honed by her exposure to a vast spectrum of branding and marketing initiatives in the arenas of manufacturing, banking, management consulting, event planning and market research. Catherine’s market research experience is extensive. During her career as a research consultant, she was deeply involved in multiple qualitative and quantitative research projects: in-depth interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping, street intercepts, among others. She was likewise engaged in all phases of management for many projects, from research design, fieldwork supervision and data processing to data analysis and survey findings reports.